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Who's a current Canvas user that also uses Blackbaud SIS?

I am looking for a school that is using both Canvas and Blackbaud On. We are currently onboarding both and I have several questions regarding the process. One of them is if you are using Grade Passback? Did you have someone write the script? How is it working?#blackbaud 

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I have questions as well.

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Lisa....have you heard anything here?  I am trying to get same information....

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Unfortunately, I have not heard anything. I am really trying to get some

things sorted out. I will let you know if I do hear anything.


Lisa Ehlers

Instructional Technology Specialist

Northwest Christian School

602-978-5134 x200

16401 N. 43rd Ave.Phoenix, Arizona 85053 <>

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 9:01 AM <

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I have someone I am trying to connect with in the Blackbaud Community who is in the middle of this (and having positive results so far it seems), so I will let you know what comes out of that.  I will definitely connect the two of you once i hear back from her.  Are you getting support from Canvas or Blackbaud on this integration?  Are you stuck?  How many personnel do you have working on this?  We are a very small school and just trying to get our arms wrapped around what is going to be involved.  Thanks.

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We are a small school too, I am hearing crickets. I sent an email to our help team today.

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I did the migration from blackboard to canvas 2 years ago. We downloaded all the course zip files and imported into canvas. 

For the grades, we downloaded all the Gradebook_log, Gradebook_grade, Course_users, Course, users, and a few other tables to keep all the data stored in a csv file. 

Hope it helps!


Alexandre S.

I posted a different thread - similar question; we are launching BBK12 (BlackBaud) along with Canvas this year. Has anybody been able to successfully setup integration between the 2 systems. On BlackBaud side it seem fairly straightforward - (core > settings > integration settings > OneRoster), and add provider. But, how do you configure it on Canvas side to integrate with BB?

We are also a small school based out of Canada