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Why can't I see a [next] button inside a module after I finished a quiz?

In a module we have a quiz (see settings below). This is a quiz made in the normal quiz (not quizzes next). But after making the quiz we don't see the [next] button in student view. (see picture below). 


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @elinekrijkamp , greetings! A couple of different things that come to mind are...

1. Is this quiz part of a Module?

2. Is this quiz part of a Mastery Path?

3. Is it possible that the next button is hiding behind the banner at the bottom of the page? 

Hope this helps you figure things out.


Hello Kona, thank you for the response.

1. Yes, The quiz is part of a Module.

2. NO

3. That could be. But I have more quizzes in my course and the weird thing is that with the text mode some have a [next] button while other don't. But I how can I find out if the [next] button is below the banner?

While you cannot remove the "student view" banner, you should be able to look at the course progression from the instructor view to double-check that button's location. Smiley Happy