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Why is my test bank (imported from examview via blackboard) the same question repeated

I have created a test bank in examview and exported as a blackboard zip and when I import to canvas it is the first question repeated.  Have you had this issue and do you know how to fix it?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Have you tried exporting the quiz in QTI format?  I haven't used Examview for a while but if that is an option I'd give it a shot.  I don't recall having seen the exact issue you are describing but I do know quiz imports can behave quite different depending on the program that creates them. For instance any exams I create in TestGen and export to QTI format always import with each question worth 0.1 point.  🤷‍♂️.  Not all QTI format quizzes do that, just the ones form TestGen.  Likewise it could be that ExamView is doing something a little weird with they way they format the Quiz in Bb format and another format might work better.

If that doesn't fix it here is a round about hack which might work.  In the past Bb always had a free site where you could create a limited number of courses.  Find that, create an account and see what happens when you import the exam there.  If it works, then export it from Bb and import that file in to Canvas.  I've never had problems importing exams that were exported directly out of Bb.