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Will changing name of quiz bank hurt any existing quizzes using that quiz bank?

I have a teacher who likes to organize her quiz banks by adding numbers to the name of each bank so that the banks will order themselves so the teacher will see the bank she needs for that week at the top of the list. She's now wondering if, by changing the bank names, will this create any issues for those quizzes that are using questions from the banks after changing the bank name? Does it cause issues for the path to the question? @bgarfield 

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I tested this by creating a 1 question bank, creating a group in a test quiz and then renaming the bank.  It worked twice!  I could see the name change when I went into the test/edit/question area and preview gave me the question

after each renaming as well.  This will help me sort my current quiz banks to the top of my long list of banks. Phew!