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Written exam paper timed 'windows'

Hello, this is an assessment question. I have a written paper that was delivered in a timed window and the students then wrote the answers in a word document which they then submitted via Turnitin. My question is how do I set up a timed 'window' for the exam paper?

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Community Coach

Hi there, @susan_croft ...

I'm not entirely sure of an answer for you, but I am wondering if @dhulsey might have some experience with this.  He is my "go to" when there are questions about Turnitin that I'm not able to answer...good luck!  Stay well.

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@susan_croft ,  If it were me, I would set up a timed quiz in Canvas with a file upload question. Once the students start the quiz, they would have whatever time you limit you set in order to write the response in the word processor and upload their response to the quiz. If they did not upload their file within the allowed time, they would not be able to submit the file. After the student said submitted the file to the quiz, you could set up an assignment so that the students could also upload the file to turn it down. Although, presumably, you would only want to grade one of these. Likewise, you could use only the quiz. You can download all of the submissions from the quiz and submit them to turnitin yourself as a zip file by using the Turnitin website. Although, if you use only the quiz, you would be able to see the reports from turn it down, but the students would not. Does that help?