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Like many of you, we have been using Zoom integrated with Canvas for quite sometime.  Our step up is pretty stable with minimal issues.  Zoom reporting through the LTI provides a method for instructors to see who attended the class session when it was live.  Lately, I have had several instructors inquire about if there is a way to determine who has watched the recorded videos (like Studio does).  I have reviewed the settings in both the LTI configuration and the global Zoom settings but I see nothing about it.  There is limited information on the Zoom support site.  It appears that maybe only authenticated users analytics get recorded?  But, I am not sure.  Does anyone have any insight as to if this is even possible?

Thank you

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Hello @talway 

Thank you for contacting Canvas Support. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with Zoom Analytics. We understand that your teachers want to be able to see how much time spent and when a student viewed a cloud or previous recording within the Zoom LTI. With Zoom being an external tool, we wouldn’t be able to pull activity from those LTI’s into Analytics. Zoom may have their own analytics that can be checked though as these features are technically built out by them and then integrated into the courses. It may be best to contact them directly. 


There have been instances where we have had to work with a service like Zoom to help create a custom solution tailored to a school's needs, but this generally would involve first opening a case with Zoom and then speaking with your school CSM. Hopefully this helps! 

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