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Zoom vs Microsoft Teams vs Big Blue Button ? (video integration)

Has anyone had any experience with Zoom or Microsoft Teams (or any other companies) to integrate 'Live lectures' into Canvas ?

I checked 'Blackboard Collaborate' and it seems expensive (similar to BigBlueButton).

Looking for a cheaper alternative.  

Between Zoom or Microsoft Meetings, is one better than the other?

I would appreciate anyone's review ?

(Do either of them have a free test ability?)


Thank you  😉

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Hi there,

Our institution uses Zoom. We find the tools are better for educational purposes. In the near future, ClassEDU is coming out with a tool to make Zoom feel like an actual classroom. You can select to be on the waitlist - really cool features:

My personal opinion as a technologist:

I've used Microsoft Teams and found that it works better in a corporate setting, especially for document sharing, quick access, and chats. I find that Zoom works better for education.

However, it all depends on the institution and adoption rate of the tool. 

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