does canvas replace resubmitted files

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I forgot to add a single file when submitting some work into a submission box, and now that I realized it I am not sure whether or not the file will take the place of the other files I already submitted into the same dropbox. I don't have access to the other files that I have already submitted as they are on a school computer and I am not there, making me reluctant to submit a file that I initially did not submit because I'm not sure if it will take the place of the files that are already there.

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Community Coach

 @1621559 ​, your teacher will be able to see all of your files that you've uploaded (from all submissions), but you might want to add a comment to the assignment letting your Instructor know what happened and that the files from the last submission and the most recent should all go together.

Yet, YOU (as a student) will only be able to see your most recent submission.

Also, not sure if you realize it or not, but you can go to the Assignment and see the files you've already uploaded (at least from your most recent submission). You can then click on them and save them to your computer or flash drive. That way you'll have additional copies. In addition, you can also then resubmit if you want and include all files at the same time.

Hope this helps!

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