how to automatically assign a specific number of points to each question in the New Quizzed?

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My friend, she is an instructor and she is still unsure about how to automatically assign a specific number of points to each question in the New Quizzes. I was looking at the Question Forum to get the answer but I couldn't find a clear answer. Does someone know how to assign points in the New Quizzes?

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In the assignment tab, there is a three dot menu on the right side of each quiz.  The edit option from that menu lets you adjust the total points for the quiz and also the due date.  No matter what you set up the individual quiz questions to be worth, the quiz score based on those questions will be converted to the same percentage of the points set up in the assignment settings.  So make sure you set the assignment settings to be worth what you want the total quiz to be worth.

Then as you build the new quiz there is a function below each question to set the point value.  I believe it defaults to 1 point.  If you want all of the questions to have the same weight, there is no need to change that.  You could have ten 1 point questions and the quiz page will show a total of 10 points.  If your assignment page says the quiz is worth 100 points, the grade will transfer to the gradebook as if each question was worth 10 points.

If you want to have five questions with a lower value and two questions with 5 times that value, you can set the first 5 questions to be worth 2 points each, and then the next 2 questions to be worth 10 points each, for a total of 30 points.  If the assignment is set to be worth 100 points, a student who earned 24 out of 30 quiz points (80%) would be recorded as earning 80 out of 100 points in the gradebook.

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