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How can I add a non-active course ( from a previous semester) open to a participant or observer to view the content?

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Hey Walter,

The answer to this really depends a lot on how your school has things set up, so you may need to talk to a local Canvas admin to figure out the best solution.  They may even need to do it for you.  As an admin at my school what I would do is to make a copy of the course, and then enroll the person who needs to view the content.  By making a copy first it ensures that no student data will be visible.  I often do this for new instructors who need access to see an old version of a course they will be teaching, but FERPA wise really shouldn't be allowed to view grades.

As I said, at my school an admin would have to do this but it might be different at yours.  Here are guides to those two items.

How do I copy a Canvas course into a new course shell? 


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