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student submitted an assignment in two parts - one as a file upload, and the other as a text box entry. I can see the file upload submission, but I cannot view the text box entry

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Hello there, @Sara012 ...

Sorry to see that your question wasn't answered right away.  If your student had made two separate submissions (one right after the other) for the same assignment, you can view both submissions via the SpeedGrader.  As an instructor, you always have access to the most current submissions as well as any past submissions from a student for the same assignment.  Everything is time and date stamped for your reference.  Check out the section called "Evaluate Multiple Submissions" about half-way down in this Guide: How do I view the details of a submission for a st... - Instructure Community (

Hope this helps you a bit, Sara!  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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