Canvas by Instructure Release Notes (Android 4.4)

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

In this update, the Canvas by Instructure app supports push notifications on Android devices.


Download the Canvas by Instructure app in the Play Store. Version 4.4 requires Android 4.0.3 or later.


  New Features



Push Notifications

The Canvas by Instructure app supports push notifications. Push notifications allows the Canvas app to send notifications, even if users have not opened the app on their device.

When a user opens the Canvas app, the app registers push notifications in Canvas. In the Notification Preferences drop-down menu, users can select a communication channel and select the notifications they want to receive for that channel. They can also set notifications for all devices.




Selecting a notification preference means the notification will be sent ASAP; not selecting a preference means a notification will never be sent. Daily and weekly notifications are not supported on mobile devices.

Any preferences changed in the app will also be applied in the browser version of Canvas. However, once push notifications are enabled and if a user changes preferences in the browser version, Canvas notifications will be sent as a daily digest.

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