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Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-09-11)

Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-09-11)

Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features, but they do not affect customer workflows. These deploys take place every two weeks. Intended changes in workflow are noted in the Canvas Release Notes published monthly.

Deploy notes include notable fixed bugs and additional updates that do not affect user functionality.

Deploy Notes Change Log

Interface Updates


Account Settings

Final Grade Override Beta Label Removal


The beta label has been removed from the Final Grade Override feature option.

Change Benefit

This change indicates that this feature option is no longer in beta.

Affected User Roles


Admins can enable this feature option that has been changed from beta status to production-ready for their institution. No existing functionality has been affected.


Features without a beta status indicate the features are ready to be enabled in production; any additional enhancements will be added as part of regular Canvas releases.

Fixed Bugs




Quiz answers are wrapped in a fieldset and legend text can be read by screen readers.

Rich Content Editor

Keyboard shortcuts open the specific options correctly as noted in the shortcut menu.


Gradebook CSV Exports and Drop Rules

Drop rules apply correctly regardless of the Canvas Gradebook used in a course.

Explanation: When an assignment group included a drop rule, and the course was using the New Gradebook, unscored submissions were not shown as dropped in the CSV export file. However, if the course was using the existing Gradebook, unscored submissions were shown as dropped in the CSV export file. Canvas code has been updated to not automatically exempt muted assignments/unposted submissions from being dropped to ensure consistency in grade treatment.


Ordered by Recent Activity and Pinned Discussions

The Ordered by Recent Activity heading does not appear above pinned discussions for students.

Explanation: When a student viewed the Discussions page, the Ordered by Recent Activity heading displayed above the pinned discussions section. This behavior did not apply to the instructor or admin view of the Discussions page. Canvas code has been updated to remove the Ordered by Recent Activity heading for pinned discussions.

New Gradebook

Custom Themes and SpeedGrader Visibility Icon

The Visibility icon reflects the color set as the Nav Icon in an account’s Theme Editor.

Explanation: When an account included a custom theme in the Theme Editor, the Visibility icon defaulted to a white color that could not be changed, even if the Nav Icon was specified as a different color. Canvas code has been updated to support the Nav icon color set in the Theme Editor.

Notifications and Assignment Submission Comments

Comment notifications are not generated for manual post policy assignments until the assignment has been posted and made visible to students.

Explanation: When an assignment was part of a course whose Gradebook was changed from the existing Gradebook to the New Gradebook, and the assignment was given a manual post policy, notifications were being generated for submission comments added to the assignment. Canvas code has been updated to confirm if grades have been posted to students before generating notifications.

Score at Least Module Requirement and Modules Page Display

The Score at Least module requirement does not affect the Modules page for student when the New Gradebook is enabled in a course.

Explanation: If a course was using the New Gradebook, module items with the Score at Least requirement displayed the ‘i’ icon, indicating that the submission had not been graded, for students with no submissions. Canvas code has been updated to only display the icon and message if a submission has been submitted and needs grading.

Student Group Filter and Deleted Groups

Deleted student groups are not included in the student group filter.

Explanation: When a group was deleted from a group set in the People page, the group remained in the student group filter in the New Gradebook. Canvas code has been updated to not list deleted groups as options in the filter.


HTML Anchor Tags and Chrome Browser

Links to an HTML anchor on another page link correctly within Chrome.

Explanation: When a page included an HTML anchor that directed to another page, and the link was being accessed in the Chrome browser, the anchor link directed to the top of the current page instead of the linked anchor text. Canvas Code has been updated to correct anchor links in Chrome.

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