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Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-01-29)

Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-01-29)

Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features, but they do not affect customer workflows. These deploys take place every two weeks and can be tested in the beta environment before the production deploy date indicated in the title of this document. Intended changes in workflow are noted in the Canvas Release Notes published monthly.

Deploy notes include notable fixed bugs and additional updates that do not affect existing user functionality.

Deploy Notes Change Log

Interface Updates


Global Navigation

Course Name Wrapping


Course names longer than 51 characters wrap in the Courses menu.

Change Benefit

This change helps institutions with course naming conventions. Previously long course names were truncated in the Courses menu.

Affected User Roles

All Users

When a user opened the Global Navigation Menu and clicked the Courses link, any course names longer than 51 characters were truncated with an ellipses. Course names wrap within the Courses menu to display the entire name.

Courses Page Long Course Names and Wrapping

Theme Editor

Interface Component Update


The components of the Theme Editor have been updated to align with components from InstUI, Instructure’s component library.

Change Benefit

This change helps align consistency with components in other Canvas areas. Functionality has not been affected.

Affected User Roles


Admins who access the Theme Editor may notice some subtle component adjustments in the Theme Editor, such as with the Add Theme button. However, no functionality has been affected.

Fixed Bugs



New Rich Content Editor

When the option to upload media is selected, focus is retained on the Close icon.


Group File Uploads and LTI Submissions

Files can be uploaded via LTI tools for group assignment submissions.

Explanation: When a group file was uploaded to an assignment using the Google Drive LTI or Office 365 LTI, the file upload process was not completed. The file was added to the group files but a submission was not generated for the student. Canvas code has been updated to complete the file submission process for LTI assignment uploads. 

Peer Review Links and Anonymity Setting Adjustments

Peer review anonymity settings can be adjusted after students have viewed a peer review assignment.

Explanation: When students view an assignment with peer reviews, and the peer review setting is changed to anonymous after the assignment has been viewed by a student, the peer review directed to the previous peer review link and created a denied access message. Canvas code has been updated to clear caching after peer review anonymity is changed.

Rich Content Editor More Tab and LTI Submissions

Assignments can be submitted via an LTI tool regardless of the tool’s placement in the Rich Content Editor.

Explanation: When an assignment was submitted via an LTI tool, and the tool was embedded in the More tab of the Rich Content Editor, the tool failed to submit and generated an error. Canvas code has been updated to submit assignments correctly regardless of LTI placement in the Rich Content Editor.

Text Comments and LTI Submissions

Text comments are retained if included in LTI assignment submissions.

Explanation: When comments were added to a file upload submission via an LTI tool, some LTI tools were removing the comments when the work was submitted. Canvas code has been updated to retain comments as part of the assignment submission.


Conversation Replies and Concluded Courses

Users cannot send messages to other users in a concluded course.

Explanation: When a student and an instructor have concluded enrollments in a course, the student was able to send a message to the instructor. However, when the instructor tried to reply to the message, the student was not included in the message. Canvas code has been updated to remove the option to send a message to a user in a concluded course. The Concluded course option is not available when selecting courses in the new message window.


Missing Submissions and SpeedGrader Link

Applying an automatic grade via the Missing submission policy does not create an unnecessary link in SpeedGrader.

Explanation: When a Missing submission had been applied to a course Gradebook and students had not submitted to a graded assignment, the Missing submissions displayed a Use This Same Grade for the Resubmission link in SpeedGrader after the assignment’s due date had passed. Canvas code has been updated to retain the current submission value for the assignment in SpeedGrader.

Not Graded Assignment Status and Manual Post Policy

Changing an assignment from Graded to Not Graded does not affect Not Graded assignments set to a Manual Post Policy.

Explanation: When a student’s submission was graded and hidden by a Manual Posting Policy, and the assignment was set to Not Graded, the student’s submission remained unposted. Students were unable to view the grade and displayed a hidden icon in the Gradebook that could not be dismissed. Canvas code has been updated to correctly post submissions for Not Graded assignments.


Quiz Scores and Student Navigation

Entering scores for student quizzes without clicking the Update Scores button retains the original scores for the students.

Explanation: When a user entered a grade into a quiz question score field in SpeedGrader, and then the user navigated to another student without clicking the Update Scores button, navigating to the previous student caused a mismatch between the score that is seen and the score that will ultimately be saved. Canvas code has been updated to retain the original quiz score until the scores are updated.

Deploy Notes Change Log


2020-01-17Deploy Notes Published

Change Log

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