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Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-02-26)

Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-02-26)

Canvas deploys contain code changes that are intended to fix bugs, improve performance, and prepare for new features, but they do not affect customer workflows. These deploys take place every two weeks and can be tested in the beta environment before the production deploy date indicated in the title of this document. Intended changes in workflow are noted in the Canvas Release Notes published monthly.

Deploy notes include notable fixed bugs and additional updates that do not affect existing user functionality.

Deploy Notes Change Log

Fixed Bugs



External Apps

The Placement icon in the External Apps page retains focus and closes the window appropriately.


Re-Upload Submissions Delay Error

The status of re-uploaded assignment files is managed in the background, no longer requiring the uploader to wait for the files confirmation page. 

Explanation: When a ZIP file of student submissions was re-uploaded for an assignment, if the tile took longer than one minute to upload, the page generated an error. Canvas code has been updated to add a status page for re-uploaded submissions. This correction will be implemented as part of the 2020-03-21 Canvas release (notes published 2020-02-18).


Roll Call Assignment Deletion

When a roll call attendance assignment is deleted, a new assignment is generated when attendance is taken.

Explanation: When the roll call attendance assignment was deleted, a new assignment was not generated when attendance was taken again. Additionally, when the deleted assignment was restored, it would not update scores when attendance was taken. Canvas code has been updated to refresh the assignment cache for existing assignments to update the Attendance assignment.


Due Date Arrangement

When the Gradebook is arranged by due date, the page does not change after refreshing the page.

Explanation: When the Gradebook was arranged by due date, and some assignments did not include an Everyone Else assignment, the sort order was changed after the page was refreshed. Canvas code has been updated to always order by due dates regardless of assignment type in sorting.

Zero Points Possible Warning

Entering a zero as points possible when creating or editing an assignment with a Letter Grade/GPA Scale/Percentage display grade displays a warning message.

Explanation: When a zero was entered as points possible in a new or edited assignment, and the assignment grade display was set to Letter Grade/GPA Scale/Percentage, the warning message was not displayed notifying the user that points possible must be more than zero for the selected grading type. This behavior specifically affected Letter Grade assignments as zero point assignments cannot be displayed properly. Canvas code has been updated to require a positive number (greater than zero) for the total points possible.


Direct Share Options

Students do not see Direct share options in student groups.

Explanation: When the Direct Share feature option was enabled, students without the correct permissions saw the Direct Share options for content in student groups. Trying to access these options created an error. Canvas code has been updated to only show Direct Share options in course discussions.

New Rich Content Editor

Quicktime Audio Files

The New Rich Content Editor embeds quicktime audio and x-m4a files.

Explanation: When quicktime audio files were uploaded to the New Rich Content Editor, the files were unsupported. Canvas code has been updated to support .m4a files in the New Rich Content Editor.

Whitelist Elements

The New Rich Content Editor aligns HTML elements with Canvas TinyMCE-supported elements.

Explanation: When a user added an HTML element supported in the Canvas TinyMCE that was not supported in the New Rich Content Editor, the New Rich Content Editor stripped the element. Canvas code has been updated to match the New Rich Content Editor whitelist with the Canvas TinyMCE-supported whitelist. To align elements, H7 and H8 have been removed. The following elements have been added: address, acronym, map, area, bdo, dfn, kbd, legend, samp, tt, var, big, article, aside, details, footer, header, nav, section, summary, and time.


Chrome Browser Back Button and Canvas Errors

Using the Back button to return to SpeedGrader from an assignment does not affect the interface.

Explanation: When a user navigated to an assignment page from SpeedGrader and then used the Back button in Chrome to return to SpeedGrader, Canvas generated multiple error messages. Canvas code has been updated to support using the back button in the Chrome browser.

Deploy Notes Change Log



Added—Fixed Bugs

  • Attendance: Roll Call Assignment Deletion
  • New Rich Content Editor: Whitelist Elements
2020-02-14Deploy Notes Published

Change Log

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