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Canvas Release User Summaries

Canvas Release User Summaries

This page contains feature summaries for each user role as described in each Canvas release. 

Please be aware of the following guidelines when using user summaries:

  • Like release notes, user summaries are subject to change.
  • Summaries are only included in the summary page if a feature is applicable to a user role.

Please reference the page suitable for your user role:

Admins - User Summaries

  • Release details for default admin features (Canvas Community article)
  • Google Doc templates for distribution—includes default and optional features for all user roles

Instructors - User Summaries

  • Release details for default instructor features (Canvas Community article)

Observers/Students - User Summaries 

  • Release details for default observer and/or student features (Canvas Community article)

Because of Canvas Community age guidelines, only students over the age of 16 are able to participate in the Community. Canvas admins and observers/parents are welcome to share feature updates with younger students when appropriate.

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