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How do I upload multiple documents/images into one page or section of the e-Portfolio? There is an option to upload one document at a time at the bottom of the webpage, but I need to upload several as a student for pieces of evidence in a culminating project. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. I have currently tried and successfully uploaded one document, but it is replaced when trying to add another on top of it. 

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Hello @DesertFlower 

You should be able to choose multiple files when selecting the content to upload.  After you click "choose file" try pressing shift or selecting multiple files at one  time for upload. They should all load then at the same time and you can submit them at once. Here is the Canvas guide (look for the choose file part - the guide shows one but you can upload a few at once)

How do I upload a file or image to my ePortfolio p... - Instructure Community

If that doesn't work, we may need more specifics. Are you doing this in your Canvas account or Portfolios outside of Canvas? Are you uploading to a project or trying to change a profile picture, bio, or something else? 

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