Screen Capture Editing Tools for Studio

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We just started using Arc (now Studio) this last week (yes, total newbie!!) and as we went to build our Internal training guides realized that there wasn't a lot of documentation offered on how to use the Screen Capture Editing Tools. It looks like these are some pretty powerful and useful features, but without knowing how they should work or the best way to use them I worried that we would really stumble through getting our faculty ready to use these tools. Yet, thanks to a little sleuthing and the power of the Internet I was able to find the following Screencast-O-Matic YouTube channel with videos on how to use ALL of their video editing tools! Yes, all of them!!


Note: You can only access these editing tools immediately after recording the video and before you save it. Once you've saved the video you won't have access to these tools, so make sure and edit as soon as you are done recording your video!


Here's the link to the main channel - Editing tool with Screencast-O-Matic - YouTube - and below are links to video on how to use the different individual tools!



I hope this helps and please share if you find (or create) any other resources or information on these tools!