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For my videos that are stored on Canvas Studio, I record the videos elsewhere, and then generate captions through another service that for me, is a lot more accurate than Canvas Studio. So, I take the SRT file from the other service, and upload it to Canvas Studio instead of using the auto-generated captions that Canvas Studio creates.


In a recent Studio update, they changed it to where captions are automatically requested once a video is uploaded, and sometimes this can take upwards to 15 minutes or so. I then have to wait for these to generate, so I can promptly delete them, and then add my own captions.


Is there a way to cancel the auto-generate process before it finishes so I can just upload my own captions? This has added a significant amount of time to my upload process as I usually upload multiple videos per week.

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Welcome @jason_thomas1 to the Instructure Community!

I'm so glad to hear that you have the support and/or resources to access a captioning service. If that resource is available to everyone at your institution, I recommend connecting with your CSM to see if that can be disabled for your institution's instance of Studio. Another option is to propose an idea to improve Studio by making the generation of auto-captions optional. The idea process is described on the page How do Ideas and Themes work in the Instructure Community? 

Creating an idea does not provide an immediate solution to the problem you described, though it is a solution. I’m going to mark it as such and hope that our colleagues who have a similar challenge will find the best way to contribute.

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