Force Students to Use Canvas Studio When Viewing Externally Linked YouTube Content

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I’m interested in taking advantage of the Canvas Studio Insights data for my video lectures. 
Up to this point I have recorded my videos using Screencast-o-matic (now called Screenpal), uploaded them to YouTube (they are unlisted) and embedded them into my Canvas pages (using embed code in the rich-content editor). I’ve been using the YouTube analytics to get a global sense of how the videos are being used but would like to take advantage of the student-level detail that Studio Insights provides. 
As a test run, I added my last couple lecture videos from this semester to my Studio library using the external YouTube link and then embedded the Studio videos to my Canvas pages using the Studio Plugin on the rich-content editor. Unfortunately, when comparing Studio Insight data to YouTube views, I don’t think Studio is picking up all of the student views. I suspect this is because some students are viewing on YouTube (using the link in the embedded video), perhaps to take advantage of some of the increased functionality/familiarity that YouTube offers (for example, when trying to view the videos on the Canvas mobile app or webpage, I cannot get them to display full screen (but I can if I use a computer) and some students have complained about other features that are missing in Canvas studio (like forward/backward buttons, ability to adjust video quality)).
Is there a way to force students to use Canvas Studio for viewing the videos? (so I can get the Insight data)
I find it odd that a full-screen option is not available for mobile viewing of the Studio videos, is this a global issue or a problem with the way that I have recorded/embedded them?
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Hello @bclarkson040 

If you want students to only view your videos on Studio in Canvas the the videos need to be housed and created in Studio. If you use the YouTube link and option in your videos, they can navigate to YouTube to watch them. Unfortunately, there is on way to disable this option as of now. I understand wanting both Cavas insights and the playback options that Youtube offers. This may not be the answer you're looking for but hopefully it helps. 

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