How to keep settings för embeded films, Studio, when I copy a course?

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A teacher has a course with a large number of films. On all of these films, the teacher let the students comment the films. The teacher has thus activated "Subscribe to comments".

But when the teacher copies the course, and thus the videos, "Subscribe to comments" is no longer active. Which means that this work has to be done again for a large number of films.

Can this be resolved somehow?

Hope someone has a good solution to this problem. 

/jonas k



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@jonas_knutsson ...

I can understand how having a lot of videos for a course and having to turn the "Subscribe to comments" toggle back on for each could be very time consuming.  I don't know of any way to keep that toggle on by default.  You may need to submit this as a Feature Request.

Also, I found this information for you on how the "Subscribe to comments" toggle switch works:

Studio Release Notes (2019-07-02) - Instructure Community (

Hope this information helps a bit...even though it might not be the solution you were looking for.

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