SRT Caption File Not Showing Up in Video

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I am trying to add captions to a video I uploaded to Studio. The video is in English and I was able to use the Canvas generate tool for the English captions (which worked fine). Now I am trying to also add Spanish captions to the same video by creating my own SRT file with the necessary timestamps. 


When I upload that file, it is not playing within the video when I turn on the Spanish captions but it does show up in the Manage Captions box for the video. 

What am I doing wrong?


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@Chris_Hofer  Thanks for sharing! The guide mentioned that the supported types are SRT AND  VTT at the top so I tried converting my file to a VTT and re-uploading using the custom language option and it worked! I am now able to see the English and Spanish captions in my video! 

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