Studio - Searching & In Video Quiz Creation

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We know that to add a quiz to a Studio video one must go to My Uploads to access the Create Quiz link.

quiz link

It seems that when we use the Studio search field to locate a video, the videos depicted in the search results tend to appear with a 'perspective view' other than My Uploads.  This means that it may not be possible to search for a video and then create a quiz.

no quiz link

Changing the video location (perspective view) back to “My Uploads” does not help as there is no capability to create a quiz from the video itself. You have to look at the media options from My Uploads.

my uploads - studio

Of course one can click through the media content by looking one page at a time by scrolling down. But what if you have several hundred titles? Or thousands?

Is there a work around to this?  I am thinking a sortable list view would help here. 

Any other notions?

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