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A few weeks ago, I uploaded a video to Canvas, and when I entered Edit mode, I was able to see the audio file on the timeline. That made it really easy to trim my video, because I could see where the talking started and stopped.

It seems that now, all I can see are video frames, which are not nearly as useful. 

Has this functionality been moved somewhere else? If not, does anyone have a workaround? 

I've been telling everyone how easy it is to edit videos in Studio, and now.....not so much. What a shame to lose such a great feature!

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@patentoni ...

So I've used the Screen Capture portion of Studio quite a bit more than the Webcam Capture portion of Studio.  I can tell you that accessing and editing videos via the Screen Capture is much more complicated than I feel it needs to be.  And, once you've uploaded a video to your Studio library from the Screen Capture area, you don't have all those editing tools that you used to have before.  The whole process to edit an existing video via the Screen Capture basically involves creating a very short new recording, stopping that one, and then you can access a screen that shows you any recordings Screen Capture recordings you've made that haven't yet been uploaded to your Studio library.  And, you have to be on the same computer (you can't access videos to edit from home that you recorded at work, for example).

So, with all of that being said, might you have used the Screen Capture portion of Studio?  It's just a guess on my part...but I wanted to provide you this extra information in the event it would be helpful to you.

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