Warning - You cannot export courses with Canvas Studio videos to another Canvas LMS!

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We recently implemented Canvas Studio at Saddleback College.  We've been busy providing workshops and promoting the use of it to our faculty, because we love the captioning capabilities and ease of use for both faculty and students. 

BUT we recently discovered that our faculty who teach at multiple colleges cannot export their courses with any Canvas Studio videos they have embedded in the content.  Nor can they export their library separately without downloading them one at a time once the course is imported!!! Then they need to find the content areas and re-embed them 😱  When we placed a case to find a solution this was the response:

"We would be happy to assist you with your studio. It sounds like you're exporting your videos from one university and attempting to move them over to another university based off your description, was this correct? If so, i'm afraid that Studio is separated and tied to each university and as a result cannot be shared between universes. The only way do to that i'm afraid would be to download each video to your system and re-upload them to the other account so they can be used in that universities version of studio. I apologize for any inconvenience this might of caused."

This oversight on the part of Canvas is really a stopping point for most people who want to have the flexibility they need to move content from one place to another and exporting and re-importing content and captions and re-embedding them in the content areas they were in originally is extremely time-consuming and difficult if you have built your class around video lecture materials in Studio.  Course exports and copies are commonplace.  Why was this ignored for Canvas Studio videos?

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Saddleback Faculty Center

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I am not sure this was an oversight on the part of Canvas but given so many adjuncts teach for more than a single institution I can see the benefit of being able to more easily export content owned under the person's 'My Library'.   Or perhaps to sync up media between Studio accounts.   Maybe an idea for the suggestion inbox, yes?  I wouldn't vote it up myself, but others may see the utility.

One might consider use of the public embed code in such cases.  But when doing so the analytics and other nifty features such as in-line commenting are not available.




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