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2020 Livestream Collections!

Community Team
Community Team
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Many of you are anxiously preparing and planning for your first day back! We know there are many different feels afoot in the process of continuing learning in 2020. We’ve put together a few collections of livestreams by Canvas users that are seeking solutions to the same problems you are.  Please enjoy.

*If you’re looking for video guides that dig into ‘how to’ do something in Canvas, you may want to check out our Canvas Video Guides!



Getting Started

  • Canvas Quick Start Guide (Prepare to Launch)
    This course was developed in direct response to the needs of Canvas clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join this session for a quick start guide that will cover what we consider the essentials of getting an “on the ground” course into Canvas. Watching this will give you an upper hand on 
  • How to Prepare for Online Learning with Canvas
    Canvas Advocate Chris Giles provides an overview of the Canvas LMS navigation and shares three steps for first time users to get the LMS up and running.
  • The Power to Publish with Canvas
    As a teacher or professor, your time to plan and publish may come in odd hours or in infrequent time blocks. Canvas gives you the power to control how you publish things - who, what, where, and when - to make the best use of your time and to scaffold learning  for students.  Attend this livestream to harness the power to publish in your own course.
  • Canvas - “Keys to good design and usability”
    Getting started with Canvas can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  Join this all-star group to learn the keys to creating simple yet highly effective content in Canvas. Join Carrie Gardner, Cat Flippen, and Thomas Turano as they discuss with Trenton Goble

Contingency Planning

  • A Quick Transition to Remote Learning with Canvas LMS
    How to keep students learning during the pandemic? Learn how the 7th grade Math Team at West Hills Middle School (in Jordan School District) made a quick transition from in-person learning to remote learning – after school closures were announced for the state of Utah. Join us as Spencer Riehl shares the course structure that was put in place to help organize content in a meaningful way with Canvas LMS – to keep students learning.
  • Switching to a Remote Learning Environment? Here are 6 Things to Consider.
    Teachers, are you in the middle of switching to a remote learning environment? If so, here are 6 things to consider: 1 -- How's your landing page organization? 2 -- Is your calendar updated and maintained so your students and parents can find the pertinent info? 3 -- Have you added an expected time for completing tasks? 4 -- What kind of micro lessons are you providing  -- and how are you facilitating them? 5 -- Are you progressively opening assignments in a module? 6 -- How much tech are you using? Are you overwhelming students and parents?
  • Now is the time for planning with Canvas LMS
    Now that things are starting to calm down and we are approaching our new normal, for now, many universities have called the summer online and maybe even the fall.  Now is the time to take what you have learned so far and start planning for the classes that have not started yet.  We will discuss approaches to planning a course, leveraging the tools in CanvasLMS, and planning for effective teach online.
  • Our Canvas Evolution: Elizabeth Forward School District
    Join Keith Konyk, Assistant Superintendent and Steve Hartnett, Director of Digital Teaching and Learning at Elizabeth Forward, as they discuss how the school district has used Canvas LMS in 2019 and 2020. Additionally, they will touch on how the district, in just one day, was able to pivot to remote learning when classrooms closed due to COVID-19.
  • The COVID Slide
    Trenton Goble, VP of K12 Strategy and Todd Theobald, Expert Consultant for the Center for Leadership and Learning are discussing what is becoming known as the COVID Slide. Is it a sure thing?  How will we know?  What is the plan to reduce the impact of COVID as we return to school this fall?
  • A Global Conversation on Learning
    This week we have a special livestream featuring members of the Instructure team from all of our regions. We'll be discussing the current conversations around the use of Canvas taking place globally. Joining Mark from APAC,will be Learning Consultant, Connie Khoo, from LATAM, Manager of CS & Training, Paola Sanchez & from EMEA, Manager of Client Services, Jonathan Perry. They'll be sharing their observations on the current direction on education technology that institutions are moving forward with.
  • The NEW Online Learning Reality
    If you are worried that you will not be able to properly teach your students virtually/online properly for the long term, you are not alone.  This live stream  will discuss some practical tips and tricks to make your live online learning even better than in person.
  • Delivering Services through a Pandemic
    The University of Alabama at Birmingham eLearning, in collaboration with many units across campus, has been able to weather the storm of teaching remotely caused by COVID-19. While the institution saw a 200%+ increase is usage of many of their technologies, the organization only saw a small increase in Canvas cases and internal support. Along with UAB's increase in technologies, the saw a significant increase in workshop attendance and website usage. UAB believes this is because of the great infrastructure that was built prior to COVID in addition to the quick response to provide useful resources and training to faculty and staff.

Canvas Features

  • How to Use Modules in Canvas
    Canvas Advocate Cat Flippen shows us how to make, organize, and maximize Modules quickly and easily within Canvas LMS.
  • How to Post an Assignment in Canvas LMS
    Do you know how to post an assignment in Canvas? Tammy Neil shares the basics.
  • Powering Online Discussions with Canvas
    The #DigitalPowerups strategy is an innovative approach to engage students in higher-order online discussion by humanizing and personalizing the discussion. Paired with the Canvas LMS discussion features, this strategy allows students to engage in online discussions in relevant and 
  • How to Use Speedgrader in Canvas
    Canvas Advocate Megan Tolin shows us how she gets the most out of Speedgrader in Canvas LMS.
  • Using Rubrics in Canvas LMS
    Megan Tolin teaches us about the benefits of using rubrics in Canvas.    
  • Groups: Saving Time & Energy in Canvas LMS
    Learn how to save time and energy by leveraging group submissions in Canvas LMS. We will be joined by a Canvas expert, and Canvas Family member, Brad Moser, as he hows how to create a group and group assignments with a couple sweet grading options.  
  • Level Up Engagement with Canvas Discussions
    Don't just post content to Canvas; ENGAGE your students through meaningful and relevant discussions. During this livestream, you will learn how to leverage the power of social learning. Join Canvas Rockstar, Chris Giles, and he teaches you all the tips and tricks!
  • Bringing Canvas Collaboration and Assignments Together
    A Canvas Collaboration is usually thought of as a separate event when building Graded Assignments. We’ll show you how to create a Gradable Canvas Collaboration with a linked File Upload Assignment that students can easily access, collaborate and submit in your course.
  • Portfolium: Canvas, Coffee and the University of Wolverhampton
    This week Jonathan will be joined by Educational Developer Paul Towers. The conversation will take you through the University of Wolverhampton's goal of enabling students to present their achievements through the online platforms of Canvas and Portfolium.
  • Portfolium: Digital Citizenship & Personal Branding with Folios
    Today, perhaps more than ever, we find our personal and professional life merging as we navigate the new norms amidst COVID 19. How can we help students manage this shift? Students are no strangers to technology, living much of their personal life “online” through Social Media Apps. However, when it comes to living their educational life online, there are some important differences that can be hard to navigate. Join us to see how Portfolium can be used to help students learn how to be responsible “Digital Citizens” and begin building out their own “personal branding” through their digital Folio.
  • MasteryConnect: Overcoming (COVID-19) Learning Gaps with MasteryConnect
    Calls for innovation-causing disruption in education have been echoed for years. However, no one expected the revolution to come in the form of a global pandemic. Students and teachers across the world have engaged in a large variety of non-traditional learning practices as a result of COVID-19 over the last several months. As a result, the time for a mastery metamorphosis in education has come. Join us to see how MasteryConnect by Instructure can not only mitigate learning gaps caused by COVID-19 and other factors, but dramatically and sustainably improve student growth and achievement.

Course Design

  • 10 Easy Ways to Customize Pages with the HTML Editor
    Are you looking for some quick ways to optimize your Canvas pages? Do you want to easily break up content to make it easier for students to read or embed a Google Drive folder? Want to know how to make every image or table automatically grow or shrink depending on browser size? You can do all this and the HTML editor! Come learn 10 easy design tricks any teacher can do to customize and optimize your Canvas pages.
  • Best Practices for Canvas Course Design
    Join one of the co-creators of the Canvas Course Evaluation Checklist to discuss best practices for Canvas courses. Deonne Johnson has a PhD in Instructional Technology and is passionate about helping educators create aesthetic and engaging courses as efficiently as possible.
  • Engaging Students with Dynamic Homepages
    Effective Home Pages can do more than just welcome your students to your course, they can help students know exactly what is happening in your classroom throughout the week. In this Canvas Live event, two of our trainers will walk us through creating a dynamic home page. They will also show us some tricks to save time, keep our students informed, and maintain a powerful Home Page.
  • Canvas for Math Instructors
    Canvas LMS has the tools to effectively engage your students in an online math class!
  • New for 2020: Ready-Made Template Refresh
    The Instructional Design team launched their first Ready-Made Template in September 2018 to "help reduce stress load, encourage growth, and help course creators design an engaging Canvas experience by turning a blank course shell into a fill-in-the-blank Canvas course." It’s been a tremendous success and users across the board have loved this addition to the Instructional Design services. Templates are intentionally designed to incorporate best practices (aligning with principles from the Course Evaluation Checklist v2.0) and are easy to use. To learn more about Ready-Made Templates, join us for this session.
  • Creating Less Friction: Using Graphics to Create Meaningful Experiences for Students in Canvas
    Join this Canvas Live Session as Matthew Winters -- a Jr High and College Level Writing educator runs a session about using graphic design tools like Canva and Adobe spark to help create less friction in the online or distance learning experience for our students/parents. Throughout the session, we will explore these tools and how they can be used to create homepages within Canvas that connect students to materials that are essential for their learning.

Canvas Tips & Tricks

  • Canvas Backpack Live -- Tips and Tricks from Canvas
    What's a Canvas Backpack? It's a really just a clever way of showcasing the Canvascasters' favorite Canvas tips and tricks. You won't want to miss this session, where we dive into some of their favs, as well as showcase how to use them.
  • Top 10 tips and tricks for students, teachers, and others
    During a time of social distancing and online learning, it can be hard for students (and faculty) to stay motivated and connected. Building your own eportfolio is a great way to stay engaged, reflect on your learning, and build a way to showcase your skills and achievements. 
  • Virtual Best Practices with The Canvas Pros
    Join us today, as we discuss best practices with some of the Canvas Community Pros -- Rosie Santiago, Sky King, Beth Crook, Jonathan Yoder, and Chris Giles. You won't want to miss this chance to learn from some of the best!


  • Assessment Beyond the Classroom: Learning From Home
    As the school year comes to a close and End-of-Year assessments continue to be cancelled, educators have been tasked with finding new ways for students to demonstrate their understanding. Join VP of K12, Trenton Goble, as he sits down with powerhouse K12 leaders Dr. D’Andre Weaver, Todd Theobald, and Jayne Ellsperman to discuss how they are embracing formative assessment in their schools and districts and identifying the most crucial standards for student growth.
  • Canvas, Coffee and University College Cork's Move to Online Assessments
    How can you swiftly move to online assessment across a large University?
    Professor Paul McSweeney, Vice-President for Learning and Teaching and Dr David Otway Chair of the Digital Education Advisory Group and Lecturer in Inorganic & Materials Chemistry, will talk to Canvas expert Jonathan Perry around the use of Canvas at the University College of Cork for assessment.
    Paul will share the strategy the university took in making this move and David will provide real-world examples on how assessment took place in his chemistry courses.
  • Promoting Student Growth With Meaningful Assessment
    This coming school year, how are we going to identify what our students know, target them for interventions, and establish support systems so our teachers can self-evaluate their own teaching practice? MasteryConnect’s ITS Model is more important than ever and our Center for Leadership and Learning’s Expert Consulting Team has been working hard within their own districts and with other educational leaders to learn and develop “out of the box” opportunities to accomplish this.

Communication & Connection

  • How to Use Canvas to Communicate with Students
    How can you maintain the connection of the classroom when you take your course online? Canvas Advocates Eddie Small and Marcus Painter (aka The Canvascasters) provide some insights on the best tools to use to communicate with students within Canvas LMS.
  • Promoting Student Voice in the Remote Classroom
    Rich classroom discourse offers students a way to express their ideas, reasoning, and thinking while deepening their understanding of course content. Join us as Amanda Fawcett, Language Arts and Journalism teacher at West Hills Middle School in Jordan School District, shares strategies to keep the conversation going in a remote classroom using peer reviews and discussions in Canvas LMS.
  • Using Canvas to Connect with Students
    Connecting with your students in the online environment might seem difficult and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you’re using Canvas! This session will focus on tools in Canvas that easily allow teachers to make small but meaningful changes in how they communicate and interact with their students.
  • Communication Strategies for Summer Online Learning
    Communication strategies for connecting with students are crucial in an online learning environment. Effective teacher-to-student and student-to-student communication increases student engagement, satisfaction, and outcomes. Join us as we discuss ways that Canvas enables meaningful and personalized communication.
  • Taking your Canvas Course to The Next Level
    The doctor is in the house! Join Dr. Deonne Johnson as she helps individual Canvas users take their courses to the next level with specific feedback.

Motivation, Engagement, & Belonging

  • How to Create Belonging and Community in A Virtual World
    With students isolated and remote, it can be more challenging to build a sense of community and belonging. It's also more necessary than ever, especially during times of crisis. Join this Livestream to learn about what our partners from NameCoach are seeing and how they're responding. 
  • How to motivate your students - one confetti explosion at a time
    During this livestream, you will be joined by one of our engineering leaders who will demo our new confetti feature and focus on the following things: 1 -- the science of motivation and why we think Canvas can take a more active role in helping students succeed; 2 -- How to enable the new confetti feature; 3 -- How to disable the feature for yourself if you don't like it; 4 -- A quick demo of the feature; 5 -- A discussion about other ideas we are testing and trying.
  • Support Student Engagement and Learning With Canvas Studio
    Video plays a huge role in maintaining student engagement through these times of remote learning. Canvas Advocate Judith Lea shares stories on how Studio has helped teachers at Northeast Alabama Community College and other institutions in the Alabama Community College System maintain a level of consistency for students and teachers during the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Using Digital Badges to Create Personalized Learning Journeys for Learners and Educators in Canvas
    Jon Kelley, Instructure K12 Educator of the Year (2019), uses mastery-based learning and digital badges to create authentic learning experiences that motivate students and recognize their progress. These same strategies can be used to combine and track learning achievements from Portfolium, Microsoft Teams, and other systems - all from within a Canvas course. Join us on May 7th for an exploration of the best practices for getting the most out of digital badges in Canvas and get a preview of our upcoming podcast series.
  • Canvas, Croissants & Chat - Engaging Your Students While Teaching Online
    We know it's often the little things that have the biggest impact & there's a lot to be said about keeping things simple. Canvas experts Jonathan Perry and Graham Raddings will share with you their top 3 Canvas tips for engaging with students whilst online teaching.
  • 3 Tips for Engaging and Empowering Students Using Online Communities
    Onboarding has always played a critical role in helping students find their feet and get a strong start in their education. But delivering a dynamic, robust experience for students at a distance can seem like a daunting task.
    Not so! Join us for 3 simple, practical solutions you can employ that will engage, support, and motivate your students - even before day one.
  • The ABC’s of Badging... Easy as 1, 2, 3!
    Have you ever wanted to bring badging into your Canvas experience, or have you simply wanted to up your badging game? If so, this session is for you.


  • Equity in A Remote Learning Environment
    We know that one of our biggest challenges today is ensuring that all students have access to a device and internet access. In this session, Trenton Goble, VP of K12 Strategy, and three amazing education leaders will discuss the importance of thinking beyond the basics. How do we ensure all students are progressing in a remote learning environment?
  • Creating Equitable Learning Experiences
    Now more than ever, leaders are struggling to find ways to ensure systems are in place for this coming school year that will meet the individual needs of each student.  In this session, our Center for Leadership and Learning’s Expert Consulting Team will share what they are doing, within their own schools and districts, and what they are learning from other leaders across the country.


  • CanvasLIVE K-5 Canvas Adoption + Features to Support Elementary Engagement
    This CanvasLIVE session will focus on the adoption of Canvas in elementary schools and highlight some of the most popular features.  See real course examples and learn ways to digitize the ever-popular Friday folder!
  • Rethinking K-12 Education
    Some good has come from this pandemic, and the Center for Leadership and Learning’s Expert Consulting Team will be reflecting on the “Silver Linings” that we can learn from as we rethink K-12 Education this coming academic year.
  • Centers in Canvas Courses (aka Station Rotation)
    Centers (or Station Rotations) are often a go-to strategy found in elementary classrooms. Join us to learn how you can implement this strategy in an online learning environment. We will be showing best practices, ideas, and considerations when it comes to creating digital centers in Canvas.

Conferencing & Video

  • What Conferencing Tools Can Be Used With Canvas
    Check out this live session about the various conferencing options that can be used and how Canvas and our partners can support online learning.
  • Canvas, Coffee & the Power of Video
    Video provides countless opportunities to enhance learning and teaching - are you making the most of this in your current practice?  Canvas experts Jonathan Perry and Jessica Jones will explore ways that video can easily be utilised in Canvas to achieve specific learning and teaching goals.

Student Experience

  • Adjusting to Remote Learning in High School
    In this Canvas livestream, we’ll speak with our 2019 student scholarship winners about how they are adjusting to remote learning. We’ll talk more about what’s been working, what they wish teachers knew about how they are adjusting to this new environment, and how they are using this time to learn and prepare for college.
  • The Power of First Impressions - The Virtual Approach
    Please join us to discuss the power of first impressions and the impact they can have on your student experience, enrollment, and retention.

Parents & Observers

  • How to Manage Education at Home (Parents: You DON'T have to be Isaac Newton…)
    Hilary Scharton, VP of Strategy Labs at Instructure, leads a panel of experts in a discussion focusing on how parents and educators can provide awesome educational experiences during unexpected closures.
  • Remote Learning Tips for Parents using Canvas LMS
    A group of educators, who are also parents, discuss how to use Canvas to support their children and partner with teachers for a meaningful remote learning experience. We’ll also give you bonus tips and tricks about how to get the most out of the Canvas App for Parents.    
  • Parent Pointers: Understanding Your Child’s Canvas Account
    Parents, we’re here for you! We know the transition to learning from home has added a lot to your already full plate. That’s why we created the Parent Pointers series! In our first session, Shara Johnson, a Canvas expert, educator, and parent, will guide you through the most important Canvas features for parents to understand from a student perspective. She’ll review these features alongside a simple framework we created to ease student stress and improve communication processes called the Fundamental Five—this will come in handy as you continue to help your child turn in assignments, keep track of due dates, etc.
  • Monitoring Your Child’s Learning using Canvas LMS
    Canvas guru, Shara Johnson, guides you through setting up your Observer account and monitoring your child’s progress in the Canvas Parent App. As an Observer, you can easily stay up-to-date on all of your child’s courses and keep in touch with teachers.  
  • Remote Learning in K12 and HE with the Timbs Family
    The Timbs family has been on an educational journey with Canvas for many years. Dr. David Timbs is the supervisor of Secondary & Inst Technology at Johnson City Schools (and a Canvas Administrator). David also teaches at Milligan College. Anne is a fifth grade teacher who uses Canvas to stay in contact and continue the learning process with her students. During this time of #remotelearning, she feels like she has never worked so hard. Nathan is a first year PHD student at the University of Iowa and Sydnee is a Sophomore at the University of Tennessee. Both of them have continued learning during the pandemic with the help of Canvas. Come join us to discuss how each of them uses Canvas, some fun tips and tricks, and advice from a family of Canvas Superheroes.   
  • Tips and Tools for Parents to Help Kids Learn at Home
    In this session, we'll talk about recent survey results showing how parents feel about remote learning. With half of parents struggling to keep their kids focused on schoolwork, Canvas offers tips and tools for parents to help students learn at home.

Canvas Partners

  • Canvas LMS Integrates with Microsoft Teams
    As more and more schools move to remote teaching and online learning in response to COVID-19, Instructure and Microsoft are working together to ensure administrators, educators, and students can remain connected. That is why we have integrated Teams meetings into Canvas so you can 
  • Keeping Students Connected from a Distance with Canvas LMS and Pronto
    Learn how interaction at a distance can be supported and promoted without a ton of pre-planning, and how tools like Pronto work with Canvas to make this better and easier.
  • Instructor Overview of Respondus Monitor
    LockDown Browser is a custom browser that prevents digital cheating during Canvas quizzes. Respondus Monitor is a companion product for LockDown Browser that deters cheating when students take Canvas quizzes in non-proctored environments. Students use their own computers 
  • Bring Adobe Creativity Directly into the HED Classroom via Canvas
    Professors can now assign and assess creative projects using Adobe tools right in their Canvas classroom. Catch a quick demo and learn how the University of Utah is using the integration to bring creativity and community into their distance learning.
  • Canvas + Nearpod = Better Together
    Ready to take your virtual classroom to the next level? Tune in to learn how you can integrate Nearpod lessons into Canvas courses to streamline grading processes and enhance remote instruction. We'll show you how to access awesome content from your Nearpod library, add assignments to your Canvas courses, and automatically send Nearpod reports to Canvas Speedgrader—all using the Nearpod LTI!
  • Bring Adobe Creativity Directly into any K12 Classroom with Canvas LMS
    Teachers can now assign and assess creative projects using Adobe Creative Cloud and Spark right in their Canvas classroom. Catch a quick demo and learn how a District in Beaverton, Oregon is using the integration to bring creativity and community into their distance learning experiences.
  • Shift from Assigner to Designer with Hyperdocs + Canvas
    Join us to learn about Hyperdocs and how they can transform your instruction on Canvas. Promote student choice, voice and creation with this digital design model.
  • EesySoft Institution Case Studies: Driving Digitization & Change Management On a Budget
    Real use cases from EesySoft institutions around the globe built this session. Learn how institutions improve information sharing processes, train faculty in the time of need, inform users of new workflows, support end users automatically in Canvas, and take action upon usage and adoption data.
  • 3 Ways to Integrate Google & Google Classroom with Canvas
    Did you know that you can integrate Google Drive and even Google Classroom directly inside Canvas? Join Cat Flippen as she showcases how easy it is to integrate Google directly with Canvas -- allowing you to leverage the best of both worlds!
  • Unicheck: Transition to Online Learning with Confidence
    Join our great partner, Unicheck, and representatives from Claremont Lincoln University and Touro College as we discuss how educators can maximize the effectiveness of their LMS, the major roadblocks in distance learning, and SO MUCH MORE!
  • Improving Outcomes, Engagement, and Affordability with OER
    Improve student engagement and outcomes with an ongoing cycle of learning and assessment, celebrating small wins along the way with positive real-time feedback. Join us to see how Odigia improves student outcomes and affordability with easy-to-use and easy-to-customize OER courseware and assessments.
  • Canvas + Google = Better Together
    Join Brian Hendricks, Product Manager for Google Assignments, to learn more about this new LTI tool for Canvas. Assignments, an external tool for Canvas users, gives educators a faster, simpler way to distribute, analyze, and grade student work – all through the collaborative power of G Suite. During this livestream, Brian will share all about the new product, now available for all Canvas users.


  • Canvas LMS and LTIs = RAD
    Ever wonder why LTIs are rad? After this session, you will wonder no longer. Join Canvas Advocates Brad Moser and Chris Giles and they talk through leveraging technology inside Canvas. Brad and Chris plan to share the integrations of Flipgrid, WeVideo, Google, Spark, Newsela, and Studio inside Canvas LMS. You won't want to miss this!

Leadership Series

  • Learning from Home: Communication Solutions and Tools for Leaders
    Join our first Leadership and Learning session as we share simple, proactive solutions for leaders striving to establish clear communication with both students and parents as they transition to learning from home.
  • Canvas for Leaders: Communication Tools
    Join our first Leadership and Learning session as we share simple, proactive solutions for leaders striving to establish clear communication with both students and parents as they transition to learning from home.      
  • Leadership and Culture: Learning From Home     
    With the continuance of social distancing, it has become more important than ever to remain virtually connected. Join VP of K12 Strategy, Trenton Goble as he sits down to talk with three K12 education leaders about the steps they are taking to maintain a positive culture in their learning communities.
  • Leadership and Instructional Continuity
    With no concrete date to re-open school doors, leaders everywhere are striving to provide equitable access to education for both teachers and students. Join Todd Theobald as he connects with Tracy Weeks and Rich Wilson to discuss the importance of quality instructional content and effective professional development in preparation for next year.
    Join VP of K12 Strategy, Trenton Goble, as he connects with two superintendents, Dr. D’Andre Weaver and Dr. Gregory McCord, to discuss how they are supporting the leaders in their districts and planning for the unknowns of next year.
  • Canvas for Leaders with The Canvascasters
    Join Trenton Goble, VP of K12 Strategy, as he connects with two Canvas experts you might recognize from the well-loved podcast, “The Canvascasters,” Eddie Small and Marcus Painter. As avid users and trainers of Canvas LMS, they will discuss important implementation strategies for leaders and share their best advice for getting started with an LMS.
  • Canvas Leadership Discussion with Key Tips & Tricks
    Join today's livestream, as we welcome our Customer Success Leadership Team (Libby Knott, Kait Barnes, and Casey Soto). They will showcase some of the institutions who have done impressive things during the pandemic. They will also be sharing some of their favorite tips and tricks of using Canvas. You won't want to miss it!
  • Leadership & Planning for The Future
    Summer?  What Summer?  For administrators, this summer, more than ever, is exceptionally stressful. Join our Expert Consultants for the Center for Leadership and Learning as they discuss how they are planning and preparing for next year (in whatever format the school year takes).
  • Build an Effective Instructional Continuity Plan
    This week, our Center for Leadership and Learning Team is focusing on the fourth session of our Back to School Virtual Leadership Series.  They will be discussing how, with so many technology options within their own systems, they are determining what is the right technology along with the best professional development that together provides the best opportunity for teachers to make learning personal for every student they teach.
  • Assistant Principals as Instructional Leaders
    Arguably, an Assistant Principal’s role is more varied than any other role in education. However, one of the most important roles an Assistant Principal has is that of an Instructional Leader.  Join Trenton Goble as he talks with three current and former Assistant Principals to discuss their roles and how they can best impact student learning as an Assistant Principal.

Professional Development

  • Professional Development: Using Canvas as a Resource and a Delivery Platform
    Here in Yorkville CUSD we have created Canvas courses geared towards the Professional Development of our staff. We have courses for “Accelerated PD,” “Canvas PD,” and “E-Learning.” The great thing about using Canvas as a delivery method is that it requires our staff to interact with Canvas as a student, rather than as an instructor. It truly helps to build their overall understanding of Canvas.
  • Canvas Global Learning Community Waits for You
    Did you know that more than 700,000 people want you to join them in the Canvas Community?  Instructure has an entire team dedicated to keeping resources up-to-date and helping answer questions. More importantly, there are tens of thousands of people, just like you, who are blogging, commenting, and helping each other use Canvas. This is a ‘community’ in the truest sense of the word. So, whether you are a veteran Canvas user or someone who is asking “what is Canvas,” this livestream session is designed to help you get the most out of the Canvas Community.
  • Top 5 Canvas Support Issues
    This session will feature two members of the Instructure Training team: Woody Roper and Paris Azarvand. We’ll cover the top 5 questions that Canvas support fields everyday from Educators and Students. Woody and Paris will share their insight from Support and offer some tips to assist you whenever these questions occur in your Canvas course.
  • Canvas, Coffee and The Art of Sharing
    We all know that team work makes the dream work, so this week the Canvas Dream Team of Jonathan Perry and Simon Lee will take you through the best practices in sharing teaching resources and ideas across courses and between staff.
  • Canvas, Coffee and "The Online Experience of Staff & Students at Hull College Group"
    This week Jonathan is joined by Head of E-Learning at Hull College Group, Khaled El-ankar. Khaled will be sharing their course design solution along with the Canvas tools that have maintained the connections between teachers and students working remotely.  Khaled will also demonstrate the professional development opportunities that have enabled teaching staff to build online teaching skills.
  • Exploring Training for New Quizzes in Canvas LMS
    Our Training Services Portal has new resources to learn about New Quizzes in Canvas LMS. Come explore and learn about the content available to support the transition from Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes in Canvas.


  • Fireside Chat with Instructure Chief Executive Officer and Chief Customer Officer
    Join Melissa Loble, Chief Customer Experience Officer, as she interviews our new Instructure CEO Steve Daly. Melissa will help you get to know Steve including who he is, why he joined the Canvas team, what he has learned during his first couple of weeks. Steve will talk briefly about the process he is going through to better understand the edtech market as well as the needs of our Canvas Community. Steve has spent the first couple of weeks on a listening tour, talking to a variety of customers, and will share what he’s learned so far and how he wants to further help the Canvas community.