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CanvasCon Europe 2018

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Come and join us in London for CanvasCon Europe! 

This is your opportunity—as educators, technologists and leaders from schools and higher education—to learn about and discuss new strategies and innovations in education technology. Enjoy the smart company and the Canvas swag, and see how your colleagues throughout Europe are using Canvas to make teaching and learning easier.

Click on the register button below for more information about the event, to sign up for the CanvasLEARN workshops, and of course, register now for CanvasCon Europe!  

When: Tuesday, 9th of October (8 - 5 PM)

Where: The Barbican Centre, Silk St, London EC2Y 8DS, UK 

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Wanna Speak at the event? 

The Call for Proposals for CanvasCon is open! Please submit your proposals HERE. We are can't wait to hear from you! 

Call for Proposals closes on Friday, 17th August, 2018.

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When will the video's from the sessions be available?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Here you go CanvasCon London (2018) 

Enjoy  @tobe_baeyens