#CanvasTrivia: Partner Day Edition (2017-08-24)

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This session is part of the Canvas Partner Days, a recurring event (every other month) to highlight our awesome Canvas Partners (plus cool contests and swag giveaways)! Click to learn more about August 24th Canvas Partner Day events.


Have some fun and test your Canvas Partner knowledge! Trivia questions are inspired by our featured partners (see below)!


Game Instructions

Please follow the following steps to ensure your score is properly accounted for!

  • RSVP 'yes' for each event. Those who RSVP will be notified immediately when the GAME CODE is available. (Otherwise, you'll have to keep refreshing the event page.)
  • Players have 24 HOURS within which to launch the game. We don't care when you play, but once you start your official timer begins. Each question has 30-second time limit. And every game has about 10-20 questions. In other words, allow yourself at least 5 minutes of un-interrupted game play.
  • Log into Quizizz (join.quizizz.com) on the web or mobile browser. When you're ready to play, use this link to submit your GAME CODE and answer the questions.
  • Be cool. Don't Cheat. Your first score counts. If you play multiple times under false names, you will be disqualified.

IMPORTANT: When prompted for a nickname, please use CANVAS ACCOUNT EMAIL (i.e.bob@school.edu). It's the same email that is used to authenticate you into the Canvas Community, too. Basically, if we can't easily identify the winner(s) with your username/school, then you may be disqualified.

Featured Partners

In #PartnerTrivia, the following partners will be featured:

Always RSVP to an event (whether it's yes/no/maybe). It's a great way to get updates about this session, participate in follow-up discussions, and be notified of upcoming events similar to this topic or with this host. (NOTE: You must activate your community account before RSVPing to any CanvasLIVE event.)
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Wow... I'm exhausted from watching all those Partner Webinars!!!

Anyway, hope you've been paying attention (and taking copious notes).

GO TO: https://join.quizizz.com

GAME CODE: 266055

NICKNAME: Please use your Canvas Community (aka Canvas) email

Even if you didn't attend, you might actually learn something from taking this quiz. Plus, there's a chance you might win community points AND awesome Canvas and Partner swag. BAM!

Good luck, partner!

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Ouch, this summarises my attempt this week. Can we have more InstCon questions? I did much better on those... 

You chose poorly

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Whew, I survived with a passing score :smileygrin:, I skimmed through most of the events but could only pop into the 3 I was most interested in yesterday.  Now I must skim a couple more recordings, I thought a few of the presentations were not ones I was interested in but after seeing the trivia questions I'm curious to learn more!

- Melanie

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Don't be dismayed.. a tough quiz can still leave you as a top contender.


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I have tried to to join  https://join.quizizz.com but it keeps coming up with privacy errors.....and so the page won't open on my system....could ay one out there help me with some further guidance?   Shar Eng 101

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Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

Here are the results...

Drum Roll


Thank you to everyone who participated! As always: winner gets 100 points; Top 10 get 50 points! But this edition was sponsored by partners... sooo... Top 5 also get a nice Partner+Canvas swag bag sent to them! Woo-hoo! Smiley Happy

  1. hwhitt@madison.k12.al.us Congratulations
  2. dejonghed07@macomb.edu Nice Work
  3. mjennings@uab.edu Nice Work
  4. raynev@uoregon.edu Nice Work
  5. rtobin@neit.edu Nice Work
  6. colleen.ortega@adelaide.edu.au Nice Work
  7. kroeninm@onid.oregonstate.edu Nice Work
  8. caryn@uci.edu Nice Work
  9. mrhodes2@uncc.edu Nice Work
  10. cg28@andrew.cmu.edu Nice Work

NOTE: List was determined by the following a) email address as 'nickname' (if you didn't use your email, the system couldn't verify you) b) filter out employees c) filter out duplicate attempts (first attempt counted, only).


I wanted to give a shout-out to partners@instructure.com‌ for coordinating Partner Day and creating some fun questions for the community. We look forward to the next one in October!


Check out my Community Panda's Profile page in Quizizz, where you'll see all past trivia sets and questions. For more, check out #CanvasTrivia F.A.Q.s


I guess it will depend on how much you decide to GoFUNme‌! Smiley Wink

Have a productive week everyone!

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Aw man, I missed the cool swag bag by just three positions... 

So close, and yet so far! 

Image from https___www.wimp.com_awesome-pics-of-animals-that-used-teamwork-to-accomplish-their-goals_

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