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How to Embed Content into Canvas

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(October 9, 2017) Presented by snufer

For session details, additional resources, and follow-up discussion, please go to the event page: 

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thanks snufer‌!  While I have played with embedding quite a bit, it is always nice to see/hear another perspective and gets some new ideas as well. I did not realize that I could just substitute another URL within the embed code.  Makes sense now that you explained it, but never really thought of it before. 

While I do love the newer Insert/edit media button and find it is much easier for people of any level to use, I have found another reason why it is somewhat helpful to have a little knowledge of HTML.  There are some LTIs that directly embed content into the RCE. (ie. YouTube, Twitter, Khan Academy, and others)  The user never has to even know anything about an embed code.  However, if you wanted to adjust something about the embedded content, you can easily switch to the HTML editor, make some minor tweaks, then return to the RCE.  For example, if you add a Twitter feed to a page, the LTI gives you the option to include the last 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 Tweets.  For some reason, you may want a different number of tweets that show up on the page. You can choose one of the options while adding the Twitter feed...let's say 25.  Then switch to the HTML editor, find the iframe code and look for the number 25 (in this case), and change the number to whatever you want.  A fairly easy adjustment, but definitely need to use the HTML editor.