Share, Show and Shine - Shelly Joins the Canvascasters!

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Hi! Shelly here! I’m not new to Instructure, but I am new to The Canvascasters, so I thought a proper introduction might be in order. I’m a former educator, a single mom of four kids, an EdTech enthusiast, a good vibes connoisseur, a glass half full kinda human, a Peloton lover, and now a podcast co-host! 

Like lots of humans, I picked up a lot of “tools” on my professional journey. As a former teacher, you can imagine the tools I needed everyday. Some of those tools I still use.

First tool: I can pick out a 10-year-old in any setting in half a second. It’s now a gift.

Second tool: I can silence large groups of people in under 30 seconds. Also, a gift. 

Equally important tools: Ambition, empathy, scrappiness, and the ability to pivot in almost any situation.

My most favorite of all the tools on my belt, the one with the most wear and tear over the years, but also the most valuable is the advocacy tool—providing resources and encouraging teachers as they work with learners. I continue to find ways to be a voice for education with this tool. Being a co-host for The Canvascasters is the workshop where I get to put those tools to use. Sharing my lens, finding educators and administrators doing great things and creating a platform to share, show, and shine.

Lucky for me, I joined as co-host at the best time — helping kick off Canvascasters’ expanded collaboration with AWS as we take the podcast on tour (virtually for now) to inspire, inform, and pump up educators with an exclusive education-centric setlist.   

Our first of four ‘22 tour stops was at the University of North Texas where we rocked out with John McKenzie, Director of Educational Development at UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth. After almost 10 years of using Canvas, he shared his first-hand experience highlighting the innovation, support to their faculty, and opportunities the LMS has brought to his institution.  In addition to chatting about VR in the classroom, he also taught us the secret to administering medication to a giraffe with an eye infection! (Don’t worry if you missed that first webinar. You can catch the replay, here!)

The next tour stops are just as powerful and fun!

  • K-20 Perspectives: Supporting Students from Kindergarten to Career (November 15th)
  • The Great Reset: Global Higher Education’s New Directive (November 30th)
  • What’s to come from Instructure in 2023 (December 13th)

Register now to join us live and keep the energy flowing as we take Canvacasters, powered by AWS, on the road. 

Can’t wait to see you there!



Hi Shelly! So excited you're here and @MarcusPainter has someone to laugh with! 🐼 ❤️


You know, It's hard when it's only you laughing at your jokes. I'm here to help. 😂