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2021 API Change Log Archive

2021 API Change Log Archive

The Change Log Archive page displays previous API changes from 2021 noted in the API Change Log. The heading date indicates the date that the API code was made available in the production environment.



Quiz Submissions Question API

  • Added Get a Formatted Student Numerical Answer Endpoint

Roles API | Create a New Role Endpoint

  • Added new role permissions in the permissions[<X>][enabled] parameter.
  • The manage_admin_users permission will soon be deprecated by eleven new permissions that provide finer granularity in controlling the administration of  courses and course enrollments. manage_admin_users OR the eleven new permissions will be available in the API, not both:
    • allow_course_admin_actions
    • add_designer_to_course
    • add_observer_to_course
    • add_student_to_course
    • add_ta_to_course
    • add_teacher_to_course
    • remove_designer_from_course
    • remove_observer_from_course
    • remove_student_from_course
    • remove_ta_from_course
    • remove_teacher_from_course


Quiz Questions API | Answer Object

  • In answer_weight parameter, changed correct answers should be non-negative to correct answers should be 100

Quiz Statistics API | QuizStatisticsAnswerStatistics Object

  • In weight parameter, changed correct answers should be non-negative to correct answers should be 100


Assignments API | Edit an Assignment Endpoint

  • Deprecated ability to change submission type after submissions have been made
  • Removal date: 2021-05-19



Courses API

  • Added Get User Progress endpoint


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