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Canvas Data Release Notes (2019-08-26)

Canvas Data Release Notes (2019-08-26)

In this Canvas Data release, the muted column in the assignment_dim table is deprecated.

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Deprecated Tables


The muted column in this table is no longer being populated in Canvas Data and requires user attention. As of 18 January 2020, this column will be populated with null values.

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erinhallmark‌, Canvas Data Services

Confirming the field will be still available, but labeled 'deprecated, always null', and not completely removed as has been done in the past?

Is there a way to call out the table and column names in these announcements?  I think it would be helpful to have the names be visually/structurally made easier to identify.  Just a suggestion.  erinhallmark 

I am still seeing false and true as values in this column, no nulls, anyone else?

Canvas Data Services

Hey carroll-ccsd‌ - I still have muted = true/false values in every single row for assignment_dim.muted

Me too.  I thought I'd wait until after the maintenance on the 31st just in case, but I'm still getting TRUE/FALSE. 

Hi, Robert,

I checked with our team and they replaced "removed" with "populated with null". Would you be so kind to submit a support case so our team can investigate why you are still receiving that?



Thanks erinhallmark

I submitted a ticket and received this feedback.

Thank you for the question. I was able to replicate the behavior that you were seeing. I have passed this information over to our Product and Engineering team so they can look into why these items as still passing Boolean value. Once I have more information on this from them I will update you via this ticket. If you have any questions on this please let me know and I will be happy to help.

Case#05189680 cc:

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