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Choosing the Correct Course When Importing from the Commons

If an instructor has one course that meets back to back semesters, how can he know which course he is uploading information to?

Here is an example: An instructor is teaching EN 101 Comp. I in the summer. The class is in full swing, and she begins to work on setting up her fall instance of the course. When she chooses to import something from the Commons, she is provided with a list of courses. The EN 101 Comp. I course is listed twice, but because they share a course number, they are indistinguishable in the list. SIS ID numbers are not provided in this list for the faculty member to know that she has chosen the correct course.

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The term is listed below the name of the course. If they have different terms, you can tell which is which.


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Those designations only show up in the list of courses. If I log into one of the courses and from there try to import from the commons, the designations are not included, and the search box does not allow a search by ID--just by name.353321_Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 10.54.01 AM.png

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