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Outreach: Social Media

Outreach: Social Media

Social media facilitates sharing knowledge, expertise, and excitement in mass. As an Advocate we would like you to share using your social media account of choice.


  • An advocate will post at least two times a month using their social media account of choice (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and tagging @CanvasLMS.
    • These can be unique posts or a retweet that you add your own thoughts too.


Estimated Time Commitment:

  • About 10-15 minutes per month.


  • Post Regularly: The more active and engaged you are on your social channel(s) of choice, the more trusted you’ll become as an expert in your field and the more people may begin to seek you out for advice.
  • Stay Positive: The Canvas brand and community work hard to be a positive place for people to engage, share experiences, ask questions, and learn. We want you to be a part of that by staying positive when posting and talking about Canvas on social media.
  • Answer Questions: If someone is looking for a tip or trick or a how-to that involves Canvas and you’ve got a good answer or some guidance, help them out! Share your similar experience, direct them to a guide or blog you’ve found helpful—whatever you think might be useful for them to get the most out of Canvas.
  • Participate in Conversations in a Positive Way: If there are groups or Twitter chats that you’re involved in, feel free to bring up your experience with Canvas in a genuine way. We don’t need you to try to sell Canvas—that’s what our sales team is for—but sharing your experience in a natural way can be a huge help when it comes to brand awareness and trust building.
  • Curate Useful Content: You probably already read other industry and thought-leadership blogs and publications. When you find something interesting or useful, share it out!
  • @Mentions over #Hashtags: @CanvasLMS Any time you reference a feature set, be sure to tag us! This not only helps us see what you’re saying so we can engage with you, it also helps people who may not know about us find out more.
  • Avoid Derogatory conversations about Competition: This includes “liking” or sharing posts from others saying negative things about the competition.
  • Don't Feed the Trolls: Some people just want to complain about features, and just want to vent. Engaging with these people will rarely end in a positive exchange. If it seems like someone might just be taking to social media to complain or vent about their experience with Canvas, it’s best to avoid engaging with them.

Positive Examples:

Submission Requirements:

:smileyinfo: Questions about this activity; post them in the comments below or email