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So, you want to be an Advocate?

So, you want to be an Advocate?

Truth be told, if you’re here reading this you probably already are one! You’re probably a leader in your field that is doing great things with Instructure software. You’re an innovator, forward-thinker, and technology enthusiast, who loves what you do and are interested in continuing to move it forward. You’re committed to the future of your field and influencing its direction in multiple ways, including attending regional and national events and conferences, sharing your experiences and innovative stories, and helping others along the way. You are awesome!


We want to help you advocate!

You’re already doing awesome things, and we want to support you by providing a framework of experiences and opportunities to grow those things and share them with the world. When you join the formal program you’ll sign a mutually beneficial agreement that provides the guidelines and expectations for each of us, then you’ll gain access to a private Advocates course that will present you with a selection of service activities, outreach activities, and personal/professional growth activities (keep reading for examples). You can participate in as many as you like. The Advocacy program only requires that you complete one activity from each category to maintain your annual status.


In addition to the standard categories, there will be Innovator level activities that you can participate in as well. These activities usually involve a greater level of challenge or commitment and come with an exclusive and unique piece of swag! These opportunities are always optional.


Here’s the basic structure:

  1. You’ll begin by completing your intent form
  2. Then you will be given access to a private advocates course in Canvas, where you will
    • Read and sign an Advocacy Agreement
    • Complete an information form (so we can send you things)
  3. Within the course you’ll look through activities and complete one from each of the three categories.
    • Outreach (ex. sales references, conference presentations, social sharing)
    • Service (ex. answering community questions, hosting events, sharing resources)
    • Personal/Professional Development
  4. Upon submission of your three completed activities you’ll get your annual Advocacy sticker and earn your access to the private course for the following calendar year.


What’s the commitment?

The amount of time and effort required will vary by advocate. You may complete the three requirements throughout the year and call that good, or you might want to do all the things. The program is designed to allow you as many opportunities as you would like to squeeze into your already busy schedule!

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Hi! Where do I find the intent form to become an advocate? I feel like I am missing something.  

Hello Liz,

I believe this is it: Join our Advocates 

Which I found on this page: 

I hope this helps!


I think I'm having a brain fade moment. The form asks for Community Account URL -- what is that?

It's the URL of your Community Profile....I think. Smiley Happy

I filled out the form a week or so ago. When do we hear if we are accepted or not?

Hey  @mheckman ! It looks like you now have access to the course and other Advocate materials and I am happy to help if you need anything else.

It looks like most of the links are out-of-date in the canvas course. 

Well, I just submitted it (:

It's challenging to find the specific requirements for the assignments.  Lots of "page not found". Any advice?


I got the email for it, but it doesn't give me any steps to take, is there any way I can get it re-sent to me, please?

So when do we do it