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You can advance from individual to CONNECTED, from training to NURTURING, from cultivating ideas to GROWING movements, from succeeding to THRIVING.

Oh, hello. We’ve been expecting you.

No intros needed. We know who you are. If you’re here, we’ve most likely heard of you. You’re that Canvas person at your school or organization. Colleagues come to you for all-things-Canvas. Peers appreciate your innovating learning solutions to create awesome faculty and student experiences. We’ve even noticed how passionately you share best practices at edu-conferences or in the Canvas Community. Yup, we’ve seen you around.

We love that Canvas person. And we think you would make a great Advocate.

So, what is an Advocate?

Technically, you already are one. But as an official Canvas Advocate, you will find a more structured and coordinated effort as you extend your reach to a global scale. Think of it as an evolution. Instead of just educating others on ways to use Canvas, you’ll be elevating users via tips, best practices, and use-cases. Through your scholarship and mentorship, you will pivot from “I heart Canvas” to “I Cupid Canvas.”

In short, Canvas Advocates discover and showcase the impressive efforts of educators, administrators, faculty, and students globally through the lens of Canvas. They are afforded unique opportunities to elevate the Instructure/Canvas brand through exclusive events and various feedback channels across the entire education landscape.

But, what does an Advocate actually do?

This is a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone. Our Advocate Program is intentionally flexible so you can choose the services and outreach activities in which you’ll shine. You may...

Network Globally

Span the globe to connect and support fellow Canvas users.

Share Alike

Share experiences, expertise, research and more wherever Canvas users are.

Facilitate Learning

Organize and faciliate events for Canvas users.

Author Content

Publish stories or resources that increase the global knowledge base.

Present Brilliance

Demonstrate solutions via webinars, tradeshows, and conferences regionally, nationally, and globally.

Spread Joy

Be the most awesome person you can be, and raise others up with you!

Any Advocate perks?

Uhm, yes!!! We empower our Advocates by providing them with tools for success, such as:


No exaggeration, we have some pretty amazing swag. The unique advocate swag is next level.


Access to exclusive personal and professional growth activities.


Abundant opportunities to connect, access information, and share insights.


The riches and strengths of one of the most diverse and impressive Professional Learning Communites around.

Influencer Status

Your name and face become something people know and respect.

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