A Love Letter to Canvas Announcements

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I love Canvas, and I hope you do too!


Dear Canvas,


Oh Canvas!  Dear, dear Canvas!  I SO LOVE your Announcements!  Your announcement features help to keep my students focused and organized.  For example, I have preset "Motivation Monday" quotes that appear each Monday throughout the semester.  These quotes are designed to speak to the specific aspect of content my future #ReitzAlum will be learning that week.  Because of the ease of your features, my "Motivation Monday" quotes magically appear each Monday, and are copied over from semester to semester.  


In addition to your fancy preset feature,  I love how your flexibility allows me to insert assignments, pages, files, and images into my announcements.  If there is some content I need to go more in-depth on after a class, I can use your flexible features to allow a continuation of my lecture.  Announcements also allow me share important campus information to keep my students in the know!


Lastly, dear ol' Canvas - it warms my heart to use your record video feature to communicate "in person" weekly with my online course.  Each week I record a video as an update for the week's content and post it as an announcement. 


So, Canvas - my dear, dear Canvas - your Announcements are simply lovely.  Je t'aime beaucoup! 



Dawn Pfeifer Reitz






Canvas Love