Announcing: New Community Badges

Community Team
Community Team


Tl;dr – The Instructure Community is launching a new set of badges to acknowledge members for their valuable contributions. We’re also thrilled that the scaled badges will make it easier to identify credible members throughout the Community! 

Hello, Instructure Community! 👋

Today, I get to share with all of you a big announcement! For some time, the Community Team has enthusiastically explored how badges are awarded in the Instructure Community and evaluated what they mean to Community members. Now, we’re thrilled that a new gamification structure is ready - for YOU.

Since 2020, we have loved the Bamboo Garden. The badges displayed there were sentimental, and represented personal characteristics we value in the Community. They were awarded using metrics that were based on Social Emotional Learning and the work done at CASEL. However, because our membership has grown since the bamboo series of badges was released (quadrupled actually), it has become more challenging to remember what those badges represent when looking at someone’s profile. We also believe that the badges can - and should - act as ‘thank yous’ the Instructure Community gives you for contributing to forums, blogs, events, and activities or helping a peer.

We took inspiration from the activities featured in the Bamboo Garden and then considered the different ways in which members participate in the Instructure Community. We also discussed how badges could improve your experience in forums, blogs, and events. (Thank you @greydon for being a part of the early strategy conversations that occurred during his internship!)


What does this mean for me as a Community member?

Ultimately, the new Instructure Community badges allow the Community Team and all Community members to recognize you for the ways you participate in and contribute to the Instructure Community. (Thank yous are simply not enough!)  Additionally, the badges help others learn about your interests and note your credibility. 

While you’re in the forums and blogs, the badges will allow you to note Community members who are up-and-comers and long-time dedicated participants, beyond what is communicated in their Community rank. 

Now that you’re familiar with the backstory and the strategy, let’s focus on some questions regarding the new badges so you feel confident about the changes.


What activities will be associated with badges?

Starting today - January 5, 2024 - You can earn the following badges:

  • Likes Received - Providing likes to replies also says "thanks" to Community members for helpful or detailed comments. 
  • Replies Posted - Commenting on questions or blogs helps drive conversations and arrive at innovative solutions. 
  • Solutions Provided - Sharing about your experience in the Question Forums makes it possible for Community members to find resolutions to their questions. Your thoughtful and thorough posts have been identified as solutions! 
  • Blogs Authored - Authoring new content in a Community blog provides you with the opportunity to share your stories, big wins, or thought processes. 

Likes_1.png  Replies_1.png  Solutions_1.png  Blogs_1.png  

Each year, you’ll also automatically earn an Anniversary badge to commemorate the day you joined the Instructure Community.  At the time of this blog, the oldest account will display the 8-Year badge. The 9-Year badge will begin rolling out to members on April 15, 2024.

Lastly, you’ll notice Special Edition badges. By attending Instructure events or completing tasks, you’ll occasionally earn a limited-release badge. Each badge will have unique requirements. It’ll be a fun way to build your badge collection and share more with your Community peers how you get involved!


How will I earn badges?

Everything about the new badges is automatic. As soon as you reach a new milestone, you’ll receive a notification and the badge will appear on the My Badges tab in your profile.

No matter if you’re a long-time member or brand-new to the Community, all of your activities will be measured by the badges. We have a lot of history in the Instructure Community, and you all will be recognized for each accomplishment and contribution in the appropriate categories.


Will others see my badges?

Yes, when Community members look at your profile, they’ll be able to see your collection of badges. Additionally, in a future Community Update, when anyone hovers over your profile image throughout the Community, it will be possible to view the Community member’s most recently earned badges.


We’re excited about what these badges will mean for the Instructure Community and the value they’ll bring to your Community experience. If you have any questions, please let us know by leaving a comment.

👉 To learn more about the update, read Nathan’s Community Updates 2024-01-05.