Better together?

Community Contributor


What does COMMUNITY mean to you?

A place where i find people with a common interest. I always seek to work with the experts. Either it is about Canvas or Dog grooming (not that i even like dogs, but if I did. You get my point..)


Are you a part of a community (Canvas, work, or neighborhood)? What brought you there, or how did you initially get connected?

Hopefully we're all part of different communities. Some comes trough work and some comes after intentionally seek membership. When i moved to a new city i was devoted to be part of communities that could help me getting a network in that city. But that requires participation and efforts on your side to be successful.


One example is my mountain bike club. To get a community I volunteered as a trainer and a board member which got me a whole bunch of new friends.


Is there someone part of your community who you admire? How does their involvement or their overall participation influence you?

I'm often impressed with the top contributors in the Canvas community how much time and effort they put down to give extensive and thorough feedback to other users questions.


What motivates you to be an active participant in your community or group?

 I like when people can solve their problems thanks to my contributions. And of course we all like to get high up in the rankings don't we Smiley Wink



Have you used Canvas in a way that helps you or your team reach a unique goal for your community?

As a part of several institutions joining at the same time from one country we worked close with our integrations. That returned common practices and an invaluable network of experts that collaborate well years after.




How has your involvement impacted your life?

I've gained a career network that ensures me job opportunities for a long time.