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Dear Canvas,

What can I say?  You came into my life at a time when everything was changing and fear of the unknown was terrifying! Then there you were!  All of those first moments in our relationship were so cute and awkward as we figured each other out. And then everything changed!   I was no longer a teacher learning to use Canvas in my classroom; I had to get used to being the Canvas administrator!


At first, this new turn in our relationship was even more awkward and uncomfortable, but oh how quickly that changed.  I learned that the Canvas Community was more of a family and there was great help everywhere I turned! I didn't know what I didn't know and sometimes I felt silly asking what I perceived to be the “dumb” questions, but the level of support I have with Canvas is simply astounding.  The Guides are thorough and complete, the Canvas Community is filled with helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly people, the Priority Services team is always at the ready, and the ever-present chat team is definitely a lifesaver!


If I didn't already love the fantastic support and resources that Canvas provides its users, the recently revived #CanvasChat has broadened my connections and expanded my Twitter PLN to an even more valuable level.  I'm what we lovingly call a "singleton" in our district. I'm the only one who is actively working and trying to figure some of these things out, so creating relationships with other Canvas users around the country and the globe provides me with reassurance and another level of support.  


Speaking of an extra level of support, I'm so fortunate to live in Indiana and be a part of our Indiana Canvas Users and Educators (INCUE) group.  It's reassuring to see how actively the Canvas team supports this group and encourages us to meet, grow and share. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my friends at The Canvascasters podcast - I’ve learned something new every single episode!


It's true that not all products are created equal and Canvas has most definitely won my heart.  Our relationship has a solid foundation and the support of an amazing community of like-minded people - we are sure to live a long life together.  I can’t wait to see where the future takes us!







Canvas Love

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