I am loving me some Canvas! Aren't you?

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I love Canvas, and I hope you do too!


Dear Canvas,


I teach the most AMAZING little rockstars! My K-2 ESE kids are just beginning to learn how to use Canvas and other online resources. We use Canvas EVERY  day usually a few times every day. My kids have learned how to choose Canvas on my Launchpad and then go into Studio to play songs we use every day or to pick videos that I have added. Watching my amazing students have the ability to manipulate the program starting at very young ages! My students start at 5 and the oldest has just turned 9. If this little rockstars can learn to use Canvas and be comfortable then I think ANYONE who has even a little interest in learning more can totally master Canvas! 


I am SO excited to continue to learn more about Canvas and how to make it work for our ESE kiddos especially the self-contained ones who work harder than the average student to learn. We are slowly adding more and more pieces to our daily routine. I think my favorite part of Canvas is that every time I think I've gotten it figured out I find another amazing feature! Canvas has the ability to completely change the way I teach and my kids learn. 



Christy Pride




Canvas Love.