Love for Mobile (and Learning)

Community Team
Community Team

I love Canvas, and I hope you do too!


Dear Canvas,


I don't know what I'd do without Canvas Teacher ...and the rest of the Canvas mobile apps, for that matter!


Mobile makes learning and teaching something that extends beyond the walls of a room. Learners of all ages can take charge of their assignments and make progress at school, at home, or on the go. Instructors have a shortcut to their classes and can make short adjustments with ease. (I especially appreciate that I can use the Canvas Teacher app to hold office hours and to provide quick feedback about an assignment.) Observers have a tool to be cheerleaders and stay engaged with their student's progress, too.


Mobile helps close the gap between "the haves" and the "have nots" -- Learning is possible and easy to access on any sized device with the right app, right?



I believe that learning should be individualized and flexible, and mobile helps make that possible. Thanks for making all of this awesome learning pocket-sized and yet easy to use so users stay empowered to invest in the learning experience.







Canvas Love