Loving the potential

Community Champion

I love Canvas, and I hope you do too!



Dear Canvas,


Valentines is over, but my love for you continues. 


This week I loved you particularly when you gave a colleague of mine the opportunity to really S-T-R-E-T-C-H herself and her students through sharing deep understandings via the recording tool in Discussions. 


I've loved you because you are easy to support my friends to be even better teachers, even if we aren't working side by side. It's so simple to share a guide, or talk people through step by step to come to a happy result. 


I'm loving the current challenge you are offering me as I experiment with creating a course so I can share ideas, stories and just chat to my grand kids who live in New Zealand. We are even going to try swapping Minecraft information this way too. I'm even thinking A Joke of the Week might happen, reading stories to them, singing songs, keep our distant relationship healthy. 


I love the potential you offer teachers who are brave and want to blend the learning in exciting ways with their students. 


Finally, I love the way you bring so many wonderful people together in the Canvas Community. You help make our world feel exciting, friendly, challenging and filled with potential. 


Thank you. 








Canvas Love