New Gradebook Filtering by Assignment Group and Module

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I love Canvas, and I hope you do too!


Dear Canvas,


I'll be honest: I love just about everything about the New Gradebook.


I've been using the New Gradebook in my classes since the beta opened after InstructureCon in 2017. I've watched New Gradebook get better and better since then, and we enabled it across courses at Wharton in August 2019 so that our faculty could take advantage of the course-level grade posting policies. Our faculty had been asking for a "default mute" state for years, and we were finally, FINALLY able to deliver that. And our faculty love it! Thank you!!


And as cool as setting a manual course-wide grade posting policy is, that's not my favorite part of the New Gradebook.


I LOVE that I can filter the gradebook by assignment group (like "Ongoing Involvement") and module (like "Week 4: Performance, Tradition, and Folk Culture in the Digital Age"). THIS is my favorite part of the New Gradebook!


Filtering by assignment group and module is especially helpful in my online courses, where I have many, many, MANY assignments. Filtering by assignment group and module helps me to see just the assignments I need at any point in time -- which in turn helps me to get feedback to students more quickly and consistently.


And for multi-section courses and courses that use groups, the New Gradebook can filter students by section and group.


Thank you so much!



Linda J. Lee



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