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We’re Two Million Strong, and we’re celebrating The Power of Community!

Between November 20 - December 15, 2023, the Instructure Community will work together to create 12 or more new events for January, February, and March 2024. With this, people who agree to host a live event for Community members and place an event on the Instructure Live calendar will be randomly chosen to win some amazing swag!

What is Instructure Live?

Instructure Live is the place for real-time engagement and activities offered for the Instructure Community, by the Instructure Community. Instructure Live is the place to deepen your friendships and enjoy a collegiate chat, troubleshoot product issues, share some ed-tech knowledge, and more.

Did you know that so far in 2023, Instructure Live…

  • has hosted 79 events?
  • has been browsed by 19,185 Community members?
  • has counted 2,551 ‘yes’ RSVPs?

Instructure Live has been an important part of the Instructure Community for years. From self-paced courses to Twitter chats, round tables, webinars, and open office hours, Instructure Live is flexible for the host and for the learners! With so many options for events, Community members are encouraged to be creative as they build authentic opportunities for their peers and open-minded as they attend events regarding teaching strategies, ed-tech trends, and Instructure Products!

How do I get involved?

Are you ready to host an event? We can’t wait to learn from you! 

To find Instructure Live, click the Explore section in our top-level navigation and then click Instructure Live. Here, you'll see a calendar filled with events offered by Community members. Click the red Create an Event button to add an event to the calendar!

Perhaps you don’t want to host an event, but you’re interested in attending. That’s great! Check out the Instructure Live calendar (which you can also filter and sort in a list view), and be sure to RSVP so our hosts know how many guests to expect. You’ll also find our upcoming events on the right-hand side of the Community Hub’s landing page.

What are some topics for an Instructure Live Event?

Like Blogging, we are confident that whatever topic you select for a live event, the Community will be thankful. When you can help others make meaningful connections between new concepts and their work experiences, great things happen! We invite you to use Instructure Live liberally and hope you enjoy the process of creating content, sharing expertise, and networking with others.

Here are some questions to help generate some ideas:

  • Are you planning to host a demonstration for your teachers, and you’re willing to share it with teachers outside of your school? 
  • Are you interested in hosting a Canvas- or Mastery-oriented chat using X (formerly Twitter)? 
  • Do you have a new tech tool you’re using with one of the Instructure products that you’d like others to know about? 


Are there more ways to engage with the Community?
Yes! First, read Melissa’s celebratory blog about The Power of Community. That’s the perfect place to start. Then, follow the Community Hub blog for more opportunities to participate in and contribute to the Two Million Strong: The Power of Community event. 

How do I subscribe to an Instructure Community blog? 

Swag Winners

Community members who are also the hosts of events scheduled for January, February, and March 2024 will be entered into a drawing to win Community Swag. Prizes will be sent out at the conclusion of our Two Million Strong: The Power of Community event. A confirmation email will be sent to all winners by December 19.

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