Two Million Strong - The Power of the Community Blogs

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Community Team
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We’re Two Million Strong, and we’re celebrating The Power of Community!

Between November 13 - December 8, 2023, we will work together to publish 25 or more new blogs and to provide 250 or more likes to blog authors. With this, up to 12 people who author quality new content in any of the Instructure Community’s blogs will be randomly chosen to win some amazing swag!


What are the Community Blogs?

The blogs throughout the Community offer every member the opportunity to share their stories, big wins, or thought processes. Because blogs are organized by theme, bloggers can find an audience and interact with people with similar mindsets.

Did you know that so far in 2023, the Instructure Community Blogs…

  • have welcomed more than 465 new blogs and 1,450 blog comments?
  • have been viewed over a million times?
  • have seen more than 512,000 unique readers?

The Community Blogs are about writing, reflecting, sharing, and documenting. They’re an amazing tool to utilize as we - customers, colleagues, and employees - build resources together. The open-ended beauty of discovery, learning, and application helps Community members gain insights and share wins and failures with others. 

It’s amazing what we can learn from each other when we take a few minutes to open our lives and experiences to others. 


How do I get involved?

Are you ready to share your story? ...or parts of it? Many spaces around the Instructure Community provide members with the opportunity to blog. Match your interests to a group to find a like-minded audience and to truly start a collaborative conversation. Click the Groups section in our top-level navigation and then select All Groups and Hubs to see a full list of locations!

Once you've published your blog, you're always encouraged to share your post on social media to boost readership and overall impact. During our 2 Million Strong: The Power of Community event, be sure to include #powerofcommunity hashtag and tag Instructure’s account when you share on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

Authoring a blog requires a lot of thought and energy, so if you don't have the time to write, you can participate in any of the Community blogs by liking posts, asking questions, or leaving comments on blogs that you find engaging. Just like in the Question Forums, providing likes to replies also says "thanks" to Community members for creating valuable content.


What are some topics for a new blog?

Truly, whatever you choose to share, the Community will be thankful. This is especially true when you can genuinely link it back to teaching and learning with Instructure’s products!

Here are some questions to help generate some ideas:

  • What’s on your mind? What are you finding as common threads in X, Instagram, or Facebook? 
  • Was there an “ah-ha!” moment from a Professional Development session that you’d like to share with others or connect to a bigger idea? 
  • Have you or has your institution made any customizations (Global Nav, Search Capabilities, etc.) to your product? Could you share about the process and the outcome?
  • How do you use data to inform decisions made in your classroom or at your institution?
  • Do you create faculty events to promote Canvas, Mastery, Elevate, Impact, or Learn Platform? What do those days look like?
  • Is there a trend from one of the Question Forums or Group Pages you’d like to help troubleshoot?


Are there more ways to engage with the Community?

Yes! First, read Melissa’s celebratory blog about The Power of Community. That’s the perfect place to start. Then, follow the Community Hub blog for more opportunities to participate in and contribute to the Two Million Strong: The Power of Community event. 

How do I subscribe to an Instructure Community blog? 


Swag Winners

Blogs that receive the 10 highest likes and 10 highest views will enter a drawing to win Community Swag. Three individuals who share their posts on social media and include  #powerofcommunity will be chosen to win as well. Prizes will be sent out at the conclusion of our Two Million Strong: The Power of Community event. A confirmation email will be sent to all winners by December 12.