Two Million Strong - The Power of the Question Forums

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We’re Two Million Strong, and we're celebrating The Power of Community!

Between November 6 - December 1, 2023, we will work together to achieve a 67% solution rate in Question Forums. With this, two people who provide solutions in the Instructure Community’s Question Forums will be randomly chosen each week to win some amazing swag!

What are the Question Forums?

The product-based Question Forums are some of the busiest places in the Community. Here, people help each other troubleshoot and make the most of Instructure products. The peer-to-peer network is powerful, and sometimes hearing how different schools leverage the same software can really kickstart innovation.

Did you know that so far in 2023, the Instructure Community Question Forums…

  • have welcomed more than 4,775 new questions?
  • have seen more than 2,960 answers marked as solutions?
  • have averaged a 62% solution rate across all products? (Canvas LMS averaged 72%)

The Question Forums are definitely an invaluable resource in the Instructure Community. Year after year, the product-specific Question Forums witness incredible collaboration and problem-solving. 

How do I get involved?

When exploring the Community, you will notice that each product has its own Question Forum! Many groups also have a dedicated forum, just for troubleshooting and collaborating. This helps members when they seek help, but it also makes it easier for you to contribute solutions based on your interests and expertise!


We know that writing replies takes time, so we want to share that there is another way you can make a difference in the Community Question Forums. By verifying solutions and clicking the Accept Solution button, you’re helping others find credible threads! Providing likes to replies also says "thanks" to Community members for helpful or detailed comments.


Are there more ways to engage with the Community?
Yes! First, read Melissa’s celebratory blog about The Power of Community. That’s the perfect place to start. Then, follow the Community Hub blog for more opportunities to participate in and contribute to the Two Million Strong: The Power of Community event. 

Swag Winners

Prizes will be sent out at the conclusion of our Two Million Strong: The Power of Community event. A confirmation email will be sent to all winners by December 19.