What is not to love about this angel sent from up above?

Community Contributor

I love Canvas, and I hope you do too!



 Dear Canvas,


You are truly a gift and mean so much to me!

Keep on reading and the reasons for this you will see.


Let's start this story from the very beginning,

To see why it's my heart that you are truly winning.


As a tool for engagement & learning you are quite Devine.

And let me tell you, your features sure are fine!


The ability to assign something to one or to all,

Brings plenty of joy winter, spring, summer, or fall.


And oh how you make me feel so alive, 

being able to integrate Google AND Office 365.


The discussions we have could keep me awake night and day,

Posting and reposting...oh, so many things to say!


Allowing me to create so much content using your RCE,

Stimulates intellect with text, video, tables, HTML, and .png


Regarding the organization of content in modules, oh where do I begin?

Arranging assignments, quizzes, discussions, pages, etc. in my own little bin.


Also with modules, can't forget about Badgr!

Complete all the requirements and a badge you will capture.


Can't forget about your loving Community,

The guides, the content, the groups creating so much unity!


And we definitely need to bring up the Panda,

Who is known worldwide from Utah to Uganda.


So much I haven't even covered, I could probably go on all day,

But you allow learning to be personalized like an educational gourmet!


Everything you offer from the whole to each part,

Has definitely created a Mastery Path to my heart!



Love your forever user,


Ryan Corris




Single rose


















Canvas Love.