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5/20/21 Community Feature Updates

Community Team
Community Team
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Tl;dr - The new Community home page, a new feature for following content and activity of specific people, and content feeds are ready to launch. An updated top level navigation is on the horizon.

As we shared back in March, our team has been hard at work identifying some of the top challenges in the Community and developing solutions! We're now ready to release a few of those solutions and announce an approximate date for another big change.

5/20/21 Community Feature Updates

Updated Home Page

  1. The most recent notification since your last visit greets you above the search bar.
  2. Below the Featured Content slide, new feeds: 
    • Help you build out your profile and connections in the Community
    • Highlight the top five viewed and kudoed posts of the week
    • Highlight the five most recent product team blog posts
    • Provide shortcuts to groups you belong to or suggest some to join
  3. The "Latest Post from People I Follow" feed will display what your favorite community friends have been up to, or suggest people you should follow.
  4. A general Community Activity feed will display the most recent overall community happenings. 
  5. The role buttons will be removed from the home page. (We promise we have another solution coming that will help you find your role content more quickly.)

New My Feeds Page

  1. A new Feeds icon will appear next to the notification icon in the top right of the Community. This icon will link you to your new My Feeds page.
  2. The first feed will be a new and improved Notifications feed, providing more detail and a bit more activity than you see on the generic Notifications page.
  3. Next, the Following feed will display a list of activities from Community members you follow. So now you'll never miss out on your favorite accessibility expert, admin extraordinaire, or product managers’ posts.
  4. And finally, the subscription feed lists the most recent activity for your subscribed content with visual indicators to keep track of read or unread activity.


June 2021 Updates

We’re tentatively planning to implement more changes on 6/24/21.

Top Level Navigation

We’re excited to give you a little insight into what we’ve been working on here! 

  1. Content will first be organized by product; whether it is a Canvas product or an additional product.
  2. A new Canvas menu will contain all things Canvas:
    • Guides for Canvas, Catalog, Commons, Mobile, Network, Studio, and SIS
    • Resources by Language
    • Links to content for specific user roles
    • Question Forum, Training, & Releases
  3. An Additional Products menu will contain resources for:
    • Certify
    • enCASE
    • MasteryConnect
    • Navigate Item Bank
    • Portfolium
    • Videri
  4. The Roadmap menu will display:
    •  the overall product roadmap
    • release notes by product
    • links to idea conversations
    • the Product (TL;DR) blog and product beta user groups
  5. And the biggest change: the Interest Groups menu will no longer stretch all the way down past your browser window!