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6/2/21 Community Feature Updates

Community Team
Community Team
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As you’ve navigated around the Community this past week you may have noticed that we’ve updated a few landing pages (examples: Canvas Admin, MasteryConnect). This work is being done in preparation for the top level navigation changes tentatively scheduled for June 24, 2021. 

How have landing pages changed?


landing page.jpg

  1. Guides for a product or role will be at the top of every new landing page.

  2. Any additional official resources available follow the guides.

  3. Release Docs, Q&A, Blogs, Discussions, Idea Conversations, and other resources specific to a product or role are gathered together.

  4. The top right (or next item for mobile) contains the top 5 resources for the space.



How do landing page changes impact me?

First, we hope they make things a lot easier to find!

Second, you may need to check your subscriptions. Some discussions and blog posts have changed location and your subscription to those forums may need to be reestablished. Check out “How do I use Subscriptions?” to learn more about subscribing. 

Don’t forget you now have a simple table to check your subscriptions feed in the new My Feed page of the Community! Check out How do I use My Feed in the Instructure Community for more information.

What are the top level navigation changes?

The new top level navigation improves the experience of locating content specific to a product, a role, or by language. You can find more detail in the 5/20/21 Community Feature Updates.

These screenshots are a sneak peek of the work being done.

Canvas Menu.jpg

AP menu.jpg

Will June 24th top navigation implementation interrupt Community access?

The short answer is: no. 😀

When the top level navigation changes are in progress, users will see a red announcement bar at the top of the Community with suggestions and directions for searching for content if a menu link is not working. The implementation and link updating will take the team a few hours.

Following the implementation, we will provide a process for reporting broken or missing links!